Earth Light Reiki for Animals

We are delighted to be presenting a series of Reiki workshops that focus on how to give Reiki healing to animals.

Collaborating with Pathways to Healing and Clear Horizons we are creating a very informative and inspiring course focussed on providing healing to animals.

We are currently offering the following workshops and we are aiming for this course of training to reach Master Teacher level and to be accredited to the National Occupational Standards by the UK Reiki Federation.

In order to comply with the National Occupational Standards all students must have received certificated training to the same degree in Reiki for people that they wish to attend for animals. For instance, you are required to have completed your Reiki One before attending a Reiki for Animals level one workshop.

Earth Light Reiki for Animals – Level One

​On this Reiki for Animals – level one workshop you are introduced to sharing healing energy with your pets as well as distantly to any animal.

You begin the journey of understanding how to connect with animals through love and appreciation, with an attunement that opens your intuitive connection to animals and explores the nature of our relationships with our pets.

There will also be an experiential with giving Reiki to dogs and we will be completing our Reiki workshop at a stables where we will be exploring how to give Reiki to horses too.

Suitable for anyone who has completed their Reiki Level One (for people) this workshop explores your own unique healing abilities in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to share this empowering healing light to your own pets, wildlife and friends and families pets with their permission.

Date: Sunday 6 October 2019

Time: 10am – 4pm (please bring lunch and snacks)

Venue: Funton Healing Centre, Funton, Sheerness Road, Lower Halstow. ME9 7EG

Investment: £105 or early bird £95 if booked and paid by 7 September 2019

Suitable for anyone who has completed a Reiki Level One (for people).

SPECIAL OFFER – Book your space on the Reiki One (Sunday 15 September) and the Reiki for Animals Level One (Sunday 6 October) and receive 15% each workshop.

Payment Options

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This session is facilitated by Caroline, Marisa and Karen Clarke of Clear Horizons.  Karen is an Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher and an established and highly respected dog trainer, we call her ‘The Dog Whisperer’ as well as Sue Benford of Pathways to Healing who is an established Reiki for Animals Practitioner and Trust Technique Practitioner.

Reiki for Animals – Taster Session

This taster session is suitable for anyone who is interested in the well-being of their pet and is curious about learning what Reiki is and how it can help their animals.

A session of exploring healing energy, communicating with your pet and learning how to give healing energy to your pet.

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Venue: Funton Healing Centre, Funton, Sheerness Road, Lower Halstow. ME9 7EG

Investment: TBC

To register your interest please email

Information for Level Two ‘Practitioner’ and beyond coming soon…