Co-vid indeed has disrupted our lives and taken us to our knees as we adapt….. wait for it….due to these ‘unprecedented times’ and YES they are indeed.  We have so many wonderful people around us working day to day to ensure that us at home are experiencing a relatively easy time. 

There is so much anxiety, doubt and sadness surrounding us and yet so much to be thankful for. No the government may never get it right and it may be in their failings, that we come to realise and acknowledge how many amazing and kind souls really are outside our windows. How many people out there really are prepared to step up with great risk to themselves and for those I am truly thankful. 

My time however is different to those wonderful beings out there on the front line and and involves only leaving home for a daily walk or to food shop for myself and other family members. 

For me it has conjured up a multitude of ways to pass my time and inspire creativity! It has enabled me to exercise, meditate, write and spend time with my family which is normally taken up by school and other commitments. 

Are you experiencing the need to purify, cleanse and purge?

Liberation or Purification… at times like these we tend to start adopting old habits, our anxiety increases and we find ourselves perhaps operating from a negative mindset even though we clearly would like to stay optimistic.

This prompted me to to look at crystals that offered the sentiments of safety and a way to feel cleansed, provide a sense of immunity from fears and the feeling that I have been contaminated.

Of the many stones that I could choose and there are quite  a few, the crystal which keeps showing itself to me is the amazing Heliodor. It is simply a refreshing and zingy energy which leaves you feeling clear and cleansed. its ability to purify certainly exceeds many of my go to crystals at the moment.

This beautiful limey green stone feels like anti-bac and a spring clean all in one and I have found when working with this energy its capacity to expand through layer upon layer of energy is quite unique. It really does work to renew and has amazing rejuvenating qualities. As I hold this crystal and connect in I am taken to the solar plexus. It wishes to expand out and offer up its energy to the outer realms of the Universe to bring in new and wonderful key codes which inspire strength, love and unity.

The beauty of Heliodor for me is it feels like a good all rounder, easy to connect in with and absolutely just gives you its whole self. For me it is like wellness on a plate  with a dash of happiness and a side helping of serenity too. It really will keep you on your toes and alleviate those fearful moments to bring a gentle yet constant buzzing of contentment.

This is a great crystal to work with through the day when you may need the extra support to fend off those anxious feelings and pairs well with Bumble Bee Jasper to align and centre this new energy with Love, Compassion and Solidarity.

All qualities that we are being shown to illuminate and bring to the forefront at this very moment in time. Very occasionally this crystal may leave some feeling a little heady and may signify, to add another crystal to balance and promote a gentle stillness. I have opted for Selenite. A soothing gentle crown chakra crystal which keeps you in touch with your intuition yet soothes and calms to bring that light an airy feel of serenity cascading down upon you; think clouds, feathers and angel love wrapping its arms of protection around you, clearing, cleansing and purifying. 

The last crystal in this synergistic bunch is the amazing Shungite a miracle stone which will amplify them all with its grounding, protective anti-viral qualities, eliminate EMF(electro magnetic frequencies)  and leave you feeling soothed, relaxed and well… ZEN.

Sending you all much love


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