We call ourselves Therapists, sometimes we are known as Healers.

Yet ultimately we are people who are walking our path of life with some conscious understanding of the emotional requirement to feel each moment as it arises.

This is what builds our empathy, our compassion and our ability to hold the space for you to explore the challenges in your life.

Not all things heal. In fact nothing actually requires fixing, for nothing is ever truly broken. Sometimes things just need to be viewed in a different way.

Others, like grief just need to be lived. To be accepted as it is, as an observation of the love we have for those we miss.

Today marks 7 years since my dad passed away. Today is a day for me to give myself space, a day where I accept my emotions for what they are and allow myself to feel them as they arise.

I may hug my family a little tighter today and I may shed a tear, yet this is okay, these are memories and the missing of the physical being that was, of the good moments.

It may feel like a rainy day yet the sun is still shining and somewhere, very near, there is a rainbow.

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