If you are an Energy Worker like myself, you may notice that at times your days become very quiet.

At the moment, my work schedule has dropped considerably. I experienced a huge rush in January and February and was extremely busy.

Yet as we step into March my days are quiet. This feels like such a blessing and I’m enjoying the experience of slowing down with a real urge to stop and just be.

As I connect with colleagues I find they too are experiencing this quietness, and like me, they do not feel a desire to change this. It is as if what we are currently doing or not doing is enough.

This morning, in this state of quietness, I decided to spend some time in healing meditation for myself. In this meditation I invited my higher or divine self to anchor into my physical being, which is my usual path of self healing. Yet my higher self was busy, so very busy. So instead I chose to drift into my higher self and see just what she was doing.

The vision I saw was that of healing, of holding those in a state of turmoil and despair, of aiding those who are hurt or passing from their physical body. Of a divine anchoring of compassion and strength to all humanity who are experiencing or witnessing the traumatic events that are occurring on Earth at this moment.

I was not alone, there were hundreds, if not thousands of us, of higher divine selves or souls all working as One. All assisting with great purpose, to aid all and to encourage peace.

So dear ones, if you are finding yourself in a place of quiet, or if you are feeling particularly tired without reason, just know that your higher self is busy. They are in a space of divine flow of compassion, love and healing grace. If you can, aid your higher self with this as they work on the collective conscious field with thoughts of peace, of compassion for all who are suffering and try not to step into a space of anger, for hatred feeds hatred and this will place you further from the alignment of your divine desire for peace and love.

To aid this even further, I will take a moment in all of the forthcoming events to request an anchor to stream support through our group collective for healing for all humanity, especially those souls who are in the midst of conflict and chaos.

For what we give, we too shall receive and this healing is on a global conscious level, for all humanity to receive and grow. Let us evolve together and create a happier, peacefilled world to live in.

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