Every month since mid 2020 I have been offering Distant Sound Healings on the full moon of each month (except August).

The mode in what I offer has changed and transformed into a beautiful sound recording and a guided message. This month I feel so guided to share this message as a post and invite you all to join me on this, and every, full moon as we connect and raise our vibrations together.

With love, Caroline x

Full Moon – 18 March 2022 

From one moment to the next there is the opportunity for change, not just simply on a personal level yet also globally change is happening and the pace for this transformation of heart expanse and our collective awakening into heart consciousness is building.

Hearts are opening on a global scale and compassion is flowing with such a divine intensity. Take a moment this full moon to step into this outpouring of love and allow it to deepen your own connection with your inner divine wisdom, compassion and grace.

Compassion builds courage, it aids us in breaking the concepts of limited self, of inner judgement and thusly outer judgement of the world around us. As we step into the courageous, compassionate heart we can define our past as past, we can remove our traumas from the present and firmly anchor them into the past, liberating the self into the now, the present moment and create opportunities to flourish into ones future.

Now is the time to consider what is it that the world is showing you? What guidance are you receiving? How does your heart feel? Does it flow with an experience of limitation? Does it deny the self unconditional love? Or is your heart expanding into a space of empathy? Or compassion? And where is that compassion limited? Are you as compassionate to yourself as you are to others?

Recognise also that as you nurture you, as you embrace the courageous, compassionate heart, through you the collective conscious field also expands.  It too, and all of humanity that are aligned with such, experience this expansion, thusly as you serve yourself you are serving the collective, you are serving Earth, our gracious Mother Gaia and all her creations.

So Beloveds, please serve yourselves, please step into the space of compassion and allow yourselves to receive, please choose you to receive the overflowing abundance of love, compassion and grace and know that as you choose you, you are choosing everyone, you are choosing the One, the divine field of wholeness, you are serving all with grace in your space of receiving.

And recognise also that as you gift you, as you allow your hearts to fill and strengthen with compassion you thusly have more to give, your compassionate heart deepens in courageous strength to offer a wholesome outpouring of love that heals with such intensity, it delivers such immense grace that conquers adversity and creates peace.

Wishing you a blessed full moon of healing, growth and wisdom.

We are One.

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