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Channelled with the energy vibration of the Ascended Masters these 12 healing meditations focus on raising ones energy body to ascend and expand, clearing the connection to the Ascended Masters and their divine healing energy.

The Ascended Masters are Divine Beings who once walked on Earth and have ascended to a higher plane/vibration of existence.  They now sit in chambers at sacred sites around the Earth and are her light guardians.  As these beings have experienced lives upon Earth they understand our inner world and their compassionate healing energy brings our awareness to balancing our spirit/physical presence and has a very practical approach – they are grounding, wise and inspiring.

We recommend a single meditation is followed daily for a period of 21 days before listening to the next meditation.

Please listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 7 days between each meditation our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on either the full or new moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.

As these meditations include an attunement we ask that you please listen to each meditation daily for at least 7 days and, if possible, 21 days.  If on any day you are unable to listen to the meditation please allow yourself some time to relax and connect with the Ascended Master you are connecting with.

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The 12 Ascended Masters Healing Meditation Transmissions

1. Kumika – Awakening one’s core light, one’s true inner light.  Healing and clearing through the chakras and connecting to universal love.

Begin to uncover your own divine truth!

Includes music by Symbiosis.

2. El Moyra – Connect with Mother Earth, feel the divine mother and feel nurtured.

Feel powerful secure father love and feel truly safe.  Very restful and calming meditation.

Includes music by Symbiosis.

3. Kuthnandi  – Opening the channel for one’s DNA to be cleansed and updated, clearing old patterns and rewriting negative cells to positive, enhancing one’s overall wellbeing.

Awakening unconditional love and developing love and compassion for all.   Includes music by Symbiosis.

4. Kuthumi  – Working on a genetic level to clear and cleanse the past and family lineage, realigning ones physical body.

Release, let go and Grow! Includes music by Symbiosis.

5. Mena – A deeply relaxing meditation and attunement, filling one with a calm energy, awakening more peace within and bringing you into a deep healing space.

Attuning you to the Earth’s energy and deepening the cnnections with plants and animals.  Music inspired by the Gong played by Mark Swan.

6. Ashtar – Opening to the full power of the universe, through all dimensions and planetary systems. Creating safety and expansion.

Includes music by Symbiosis.

7. Sanat Kumara – Increased opening of chakras, use of more chakras, increased intuition and more re-aligning of self. This channelled meditation will help to heal thy family lineage, bringing up fear, pain and loss from the depths of thy soul and from thy ancestral lineage releasing thee, bringing freedom and space within.

Includes music by Symbiosis.

8. Terana & Ankara – The ‘Twin Soul’. Reconnecting and merging with one’s highest light Self.  A powerful transformative meditation for anyone wishing to raise their vibration and feel one with Universal Source light.  Deeply relaxing, strengthening and supportive in building self trust and self confidence.

Includes music by Symbiosis.

9. St Germaine – Includes Light Language and toning; both forms of healing sound that relax the body, open the chakras, release tension and encourage healing energy to flow deep within.   Re-awakens the patterning of Divinity in your DNA, re-awakens the light in your soul, spreading warmth and love.

Includes music by Symbiosis.

10. Buddha – Allow ancestral lineage to purify, forgive, release, love and let yourselves awaken to self love and self acceptance.

Laugh with Love.  Come into your Buddha consciousness!  Understand abundance. Balance energy attached to money, removing old concepts of money and material power. Background music provided by Mark Swan, Gong Master from his CD “Aquarian Transitions” and music by Symbiosis.

11. Lord Sanander/Lord Jesus – Love, Love, Love.

Opening thy heart to love, soothing words of love, creating peace and harmony within.

Transformative. Includes music by Symbiosis.

12. Universal Light Master ‘Cristala’ – To be received only on completion of all the other 11 Ascended Master meditations. Encompassing Ascension Energy into one’s being, and merging completely with the Ascended Masters light power and wisdom.

Step into your inner Master!

More information on the Ascended Masters Healing Meditation Course…

There are many Ascended Masters working with us here on Earth. 12 Ascended Masters have chosen to work with Ascending Angels and have each blessed us with an Ascension Healing Attunement. These 12 attunements will help you to raise your light vibration and the light vibration of our planet Earth in order for it and us to ascend to a new dimension, a new, brighter, higher level of conscious awareness.

The Ascended Masters are all Light Beings that once walked on Earth. These Divine Beings were once like you and me, they have had earthly lives in which they overcome many challenges to master the gift of ascension, they have grown, increased their light mass and release all their fears in order to ascend to new, higher dimensions of existence.

Some of the Ascended Masters are spoken of and remembered in religious text such as Lord Buddha and Jesus (also known as Lord Sananda), yet these Ascended Masters remind us that they wish to connect with everyone on Earth in a non-religious manner. The Ascended Masters wish to bring light and love to everyone regardless of religious beliefs or doubts of worthiness, we are all worthy of this love and guidance.

Commit to do all 12 to empower your life dramatically and head towards a place of inner ascension.