2. God Odin Meditation Transmission



Here we find the father of all fathers, connecting with his Divine Father presence the God Odin heals with the element of earth, he purges our fears of being here upon the Earth, our childhood fears of being unsafe and balances our masculine energies throughout our entire being.

This is the brown wave/ray of light and activates our connection to Earth to receive Vortex Light from the Earth below.

The Vortex Light Energy Course

This concept of healing energy is channelled with the love-light of the Gods and Goddesses of Earth.  An ancient healing vibration that can now be accessed and awoken into our being through a process of receiving 12 keys or codes that when flowed through the body activate our being to channel and bring healing light with the Vortex Light into our multi-dimensional bodies.

We recommend a single meditation is followed daily for a period of 21 days before listening to the next meditation.

Please listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 7 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on either the full or new moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.