Earth Light Masters Crystal Energy Pack


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Designed to complement the 20:20 Earth Light Activation Transmission, this crystal care bag is a perfect blend of powerful earthly crystals aligned to aid the conscious ascension from the 3 dimensional realms into the 5th dimension.

Created for energy workers this is a powerful crystal set and can be used for intention manifesting, energy healing and great light energy work.

These energised crystals carry a harmonious balance of multi-dimensional angelic, stellar and earthy energy.

Kyanite – Higher realm key worker offering you support with the Angelic and Ascended Masters. A forward thinking crystal, Kyanite feels other worldly enabling you to travel in multi-dimensional time lines yet it reminds you to stay on purpose and grounded.

Elite Shungite – this miracle stone carries the stellar connection, it aids in grounding our multi-dimensional roots into earth and assists with the unveiling of the 3 dimensional illusions. Elite is the highest quality of Shungite and is 98% carbon and the best type to use when purifying water, using in baths or wearing it as it offers 100% EMF(electro magnetic frequency) protection. 

Citrine – Again, we have chosen this natural citrine which is so high in its energy vibration. This magical stone heightens, elevates and brings fluidity, as it calls upon your imagination to build with creativity, line up with desires and bring prosperity.

AAA Clear Quartz – supports and nurtures your divine right to set intentions and manifest your souls desire as this master healer co-creates with your divine guides to bring balance, harmony and an awakening to the truth of the power of One.

Selenite – bringing a gentle balance to this complement of crystals, Selenite soothes and calms with an ever-flowing radiance that implores you to keep trusting your angelic and inner guidance.


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