20:22 Earth Light Activation Transmission



‘For the purpose of this activation is to release the past, to release those stories of trauma and disharmony and bring the body more fully into the present, into the year of 2022.’

On behalf of the Ascending Angels this is the 20:22 Earth Light Activation Transmission.

This year resonates with the love-light energy of the Angelic Realm and they are working with us to align us to our multi-universe being, transforming our Diamond Crystalline Matrix to a Divine Crystalline Experience where we are awakening more of our divine consciousness into our physical being.

This auspicious year is one for releasing our fears, our karmic and energetic trauma, and stepping more fully into our present. This transmission will aid and support this process as it releasing the old encoding of our 3 dimensional matrix and empowers our multi-dimensional matrix more fully into the very cells of our body.

Aligning us with truth creates a shifting or releasing of old patterns/stories of limited beliefs and conditioned sense of limited self to transform into a free flow of gentle love, compassion and grace.

This transmission is guided to be received through listening to the mp3 meditation recording. Please listen to this meditation daily over a course of at least 3 days.  

Although this transmission can be received at any time, you will find to sit in the presence of the recording at 2.22 or 22.22 local time can enhance its energetic streaming.

For this meditation you will need to be in a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you will be undisturbed for at least 60 minutes.

We hope you enjoy this transmission and welcome your feedback.

DATE: Any time you so wish.

VENUE: A comfortable, quiet space in your home where you will be undisturbed for at least 60 minutes.



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