5. Archangel Satron Healing Ray Meditation Transmission



Birthing new bodies of information and thought, bringing light into the subconscious and unconscious self.

Stripping away at the surface to reach the core being.

The conscious mind holds 1/10th of the truth with this ray you will begin to access the unconscious truth, accessing the unknown, connecting with one’s Akashic record, bringing light, illumination to the darkness of the unknown.

This is a no nonsense ray it brings light right into darkness awakening the truth of divinity.

Archangel Healing Rays

The Angels and Archangels are ever with us, guiding us, bringing us love and light. They hold the key to the truth of the Universe and wish to share their wisdom and knowledge with us so that we can exist on a lighter, clearer level.

The Archangels have created Energy Healing Rays to enlighten and empower our minds and bodies so that they can connect more easily with us on a one to one, every day basis. Helping us to acknowledge and share our own inner truth from our heart and also to recognise and hear the truth that others may be struggling to share with us. Bringing a beautiful healing journey of freedom which can allow the inner Angel in us all to rise up from our centre, our own inner light and shine in safety for all to see.

Each Healing Ray has a purpose of cleansing and assisting particular energies that we struggle to release and/or understand.

As these meditations include an attunement we ask that you please listen to each meditation daily for at least 7 days and, if possible, 21 days.  If on any day you are unable to listen to the meditation please allow yourself some time to relax and connect with the Archangel you are connecting with.

We highly recommend you listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 21 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you follow a new meditation on each Full Moon.


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