Animal Reiki – Level One



Reiki can help animals to deal with so many different issues eg past memories of emotional trauma, bad treatment, abandonment, medical issues and separation anxiety to helping them recover from illness or surgery.

In essence Reiki is a deep form of relaxation that reduces stress levels and may also bring you in much closer connection with your animal through this peaceful time you spend with them.

This Workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to work with animals.

Session One is for people with no Reiki experience where they will learn the basics of Reiki and have their Reiki I attunement.

Session Two will expand on how to work specifically with animals (the difference between human Reiki) animal communication and a further attunement for healing with animals.

Session Two is available for anyone who has already gained their Reiki I. Your Reiki abilities will be developed so that you can confidently help your own pets, friends’ & families’ pets (with their permission) and even wild animals and birds.

Session One – Monday 15th March from 7pm-9pm.

Session Two – Wednesday 17th March from 7pm-9pm.

Exchange for both sessions £195.

or for session two only £105 (Reiki Level I required).

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Animal Reiki Workshop, Session Two Only


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