Cacao, Dance and Chill ‘n’ Heal – Friday 10 November 2023


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Caroline is delighted to be joined by Chakra Dancing with Nadine for a super evening of Cacao, Dance and Chill ’n’ Heal.

Let us move together with the heart medicine of cacao to discover and deepen our connection to oneness and the loving energy that flows through the body! 

We will begin our evening with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony to bless, energise and consume the heart opening Cacao with the intention of self care, love and healing. 

We will then be guided into a journey of healing movement meditation through the chakras, exploring each chakra, from crown to root, allowing the medicine of the Cacao to work through the moving body to cleanse, heal, nourish and recharge our being as a whole.

Completing our evening with a balancing and harmonising crystal sound bath. We will lie still after our movement through the chakras for the crystal singing bowls to now bless our mind, body and spirit with their sound wave vibrations. To energise, chill and heal.


King George V Pavilion, Park Drive, Park Avenue, Sittingbourne, ME10 1QX.



Doors will open at 6:45pm and close at 6:55pm as once the event starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.
Please bring a cup for your cacao, a yoga type mat, cushion and blanket for your comfort. A bottle of water is also recommended.
We will dance in bare feet or trainers. We highly recommend you bring a journal to write of draw any ideas or inspirations that may rise to the surface during the ceremony.

Cacao Guidance – contraindications

When partaking in this Cacao Ceremony you are responsible for yourself.

Please advise us of any allergies so that we can use ingredients that are safe for you to consume.

Cacao is full of healthy vitamins and minerals yet caution is needed if consuming with or if the body is experiencing the following:-


Certain anti-depressants are worth extra consideration. MAOI based anti-depressants are contraindicated with the tyramine in chocolate.

There has been some concern with larger doses of cacao and SSRI type anti-depressants, because of the MAOI’s in cacao, specifically, the tryptophan.

Serious heart conditions

The theobromine in cacao increases heart rate significantly and is a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure. If you have such a condition, consider consulting a physician and certainly go lighter on amounts.

Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Like coffee or tea, it is important to reduce the intake of stimulating foods. The theobromine in cacao, which is similar to caffeine, has a stimulating effect. A lower dosage of 10-20g is recommended.

Cancellation policy – Please allow at least 48 hours notice to cancel your ticket, these cancellations will receive a full refund less our PayPal fees or the full amount can be transferred to another event (we don’t get those reimbursed unfortunately).

If you cancel within 48 hours of the event there will be no refund issued.  You are welcome to resell your ticket yourself, all we ask is that you please advise us of who will be attending in your place.

Thank you.