Earth Light Reiki – Level One – Virtual Workshop


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The journey begins…

​Suitable for all, this energising workshop is where we connect with the Ascending Angels to awaken our Earth Light energy body and connect with the Angelic Realm to explore our connection with our Guardian Angels and let Angelic and Earth Light Reiki Healing Energy flow from our hands.

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the basics of Reiki.  Explore your own unique healing gifts in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, friends and family. Also encourages deep self-healing.

On this Reiki Beginner’s Course you will be attuned to the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and healing will be activated in your hands.

Please Note: This is a 2 session event held on Tuesday 1 September and on Thursday 3 September both from 7pm to 9pm UK time.  In order to complete your Reiki One training you must attend both sessions.

Following the session on Tuesday 1 September you will receive your Earth Light Reiki Activation or Attunement.  This will be delivered energetically at 9.30pm and you will need to be in a quiet, undisturbed, comfortable space to receive this.  This attunement will take approximately 30 minutes.

Prior to the workshop commencing you will be sent a copy of your Earth Light Reiki One manual for you to read at your leisure.


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