Exploring Energy with Horses – Sunday 19 September 2021


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Join Caroline and Michelle to explore mindfulness and healing with horses.

Learn how to give healing to horses and how they aid us in our own healing.

What you will learn:-

  • how to be aware of your own energy
  • how to raise your energy vibrations and bring balance to your own energy
  • how to release tension from your body
  • how to connect with horses
  • how to sense the horses energy
  • how to raise the energy vibrations for the horse
  • how to release tension from the horses body
  • how the horse works with you
  • how your energies blend and harmonise with the horse.

This transformational afternoon will focus on our awareness of our own energy, our emotions, our inner self to explore how we unconsciously transfer our feelings onto our pets and those around us.

The journey then will expand into a deeper experience of how it feels to be in the presence of horses and how through their natural instincts and intuitive connection with us they draw us into the present.

Then taking this energy exploration to the next step in order to cleanse, harmonise and heal ourselves and direct this energetic healing to the horse that we have connected with too.

Suitable for all.

Date: Sunday 19 September 2021

Time: 13:00-16:00

Venue: The Little Horse Yard, Mussenden Lane Horton Kirby, DA4 9JW.

Investment: £70 per person.

‘There is something so magical when an animal allows us to love them.
Our hearts open so easily with love and the desire to be the object of their affection, when they grace us with their presence and lower their guard to let us into their space, their aura and even to touch them and lovingly stroke them we feel such humble honour and so very special.
So how does it feel when an animal allows our energy to enter their presence? When they reveal their innermost truth and we are gifted with the opportunity to bring love, nurturing compassion and resolution to those stored memories of trauma and disharmony.
Let me tell you, it is so amazing! The language of love breaks through any communication barriers and we interact in a space of pure, simple and unconditional love. It is such a beautiful exchange and one that you may experience on this afternoon workshop.
We look forward to hosting this space for you and facilitating with simple guidance the opportunity to feel the heart to heart loving wisdom, compassion and grace from the herd as you set the intention to gift and enjoy their return of the energy exchange through the gift you share with them.’


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