Into the Void Healing Experience



‘Returning to the creational void of nothingness, the empty space that was once present before creation expanded and the power of thought created life, created the world that we now know and the cosmic presence that we experience…

This is a beautiful, enlightening and very intense core healing experience. The guided meditation will commence with activating your multi-dimensional form and cleansing your body to its highest potential.

You are then guided into a space described as the ‘Void’ or ‘Soul of the Creator’, this space is out of the cosmic time parameters and is the essence of our being – the source of the ‘Breath’.  In this space all is revealed, cleansed and transformed.

‘It felt like the meditation gifted me with a re-birth and that I had gone back (right back) to the beginning and chose again…’

This deeply powerful healing experience will illuminate all perceived shadows, patterns and disharmonies carried through the cells of the body to direct us wholly to one’s light truth.

Suitable for those with experience in receiving or channelling energy.


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