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The 8:8 Lions Gateway Activation 2020 – Saturday 8th August 2020

Event details

This powerful energy event will be held at the Little Horse Yard, Horton Kirby, Kent.

This event is for all Earth angels meditators people connected to people,
People connected to universal energy,
People of God,
People who love,
People lost in life,

You will experience the connection between nature, horses and each other as you are taken into a highly charged light energy flowing from the Lions Gateway held safely within the beautiful surroundings of our beautiful horse yard.

All ages welcome, under 16s adult supervision at all times please.

Arrive at 7.30pm to set up your pitch blanket citronella candles blankets pillows/ chairs.

Bring water.

Dress for the weather.

Wear insect repellant.

You will sit in your own pod and keep social distancing in place re covid guidelines.

If using toilet facilities you will sanitise after use. All young people accounted by their adult to maintain hygiene for others.

Leo the Lion Journal

This beautiful notebook carries all of Leo’s courageous and inspiring energy and strength.

He will help and support you on your journey to energise your notes dreams and desires in this beautifully spiral bound version of him.

The book is spiral bound and the pages are blank for you to fill in with your own colourful images, notes dreams and stories.

Crystals and Grid

We have been guided to source a selection of earthy and angelic crystals to aid us in grounding and anchoring the energy from this Activation experience. 

Empowering with the energetic alignment of the Lions Gateway, these specially selected crystals will aid you gently through the veils of ascension from the realms of the 3rd dimension, through the 4th and into a cosmic 5th dimensional existence.

Meditate and journal with these beauties as they guide you on a journey of ascension and manifesting your soul purpose.

Blue Quartz – delve into the gentle multi-dimensional frequencies as you are lovingly guided with ease to the realm of all things possible!

Allow AAA Quartz to support and nurture the divine right to manifest as this master healer co-creates with your intentions.

Selenite, soothes calms with an everflowing radiance that implores you to keep trust with your angelic and inner guidance.

Sunstone raises the vibrations even higher with its warm honey glow feel to embed and move you forward.  

Pyrite is the evolutionary crystal  to root and shield with purity as your manifestions flow to fruition.

We will also be providing a crystal grid and guidance on how to place these crystals within this grid or around your picnic blanket. These crystals will aid you aligning to your soul purpose and help release karmic patterning that no longer serves you.

Our Guidance

What a powerful year we are having. There is no mistaking that Earth is in the midst of a huge energetic awakening. We are evolving and ascending to a new multi-dimensional energetic vibration as we streamline into the world of 4 and 5D.

At this time there is a cross-planetary alignment and many of us will completely jump from our 3 dimensional reality to the 5th dimension, whereas others of us are taking the more gentle route flowing harmoniously through the 3rd, 4th and then 5th dimension.

Children are already integrated into the 4th dimension and we can see or sense this with how naturally they are connected to the Earth and, what we are seeing as sensitivity or special behaviour is simply yet another reminder that their vibrations are aligned to a new evolving earth and not the reality we have come to recognise and own.

Now is the time and this year we have already witnessed Earth shaking up our consciousness as our very way of life has been dismantled and a forced experience of slowing down and taking stock has occurred. Over the last 6 months we have been challenged to recognise what is in truth valuable and precious in our life, and for many of us we have experienced our hearts opening deeper in valuing our loving connections to each over and, by slowing down, we have also realised just how much we impact the planet itself with our currently lifestyles.

On July 26 we begin our alignment with the star system of Sirius and this activates the opening of the Lions Gateway. This occurs around this time each year and this Lions Gateway is held open for approximately 17 days and completes on the 12th August.

The most intense day during this stellar alignment is 8th August, this is when our star systems are most fully aligned and our Sirian Guides can energetically aid us in raising our energy vibrations and enhancing our ascension process.

Our guided message.

Dearest Ones, as always we are connected with thee and calling unto thee with our guiding light to show thee the way forward in loving union with thy beauteous planet Earth.

Through the veils of space we are connected with thee. We, the Lion Star, thy guides from the conscious planetary system of Sirius come forth now through the stellar pathways to connect and guide thee on thy stellar reunion with the matrix of the 5th dimension.

Dearest ones thee are ascending, thee are unlocking the matrix of separation, where the hath journeyed in to experience life in a separate, individual existence and are now flowing through the waves of illusions to return to a space of understanding of the concept of one. With this awakening and returning to the concept of one thee will begin to unlock the veils of illusions of thy limited power. Recognising just how connected we and thee are, feeling more vibrantly the flow of energy, of life, of union and oneness.

We invite thee now to feel our cyan ray of light as it flows from our starry realm to the heart of thy mother, of Gaia. We have been flowing with this stellar ray of light for many of thy earthly years, our star seeds have birthed upon thy planet also, to aid and assist in thy stellar ascension. Thee hath dreamt of us and aligned with our divine purpose through thy soul star consciousness in order to attain ascension and a divine awakening to the truth of the one heart.

Beloveds, we invite thee now to focus thy connection more deeply with us, let us take thee now upon a journey of returning, of reawakening and reminding thee of thy divine purpose. A journey of re-aligning with thy soul truth and unlocking the codes of ascension within to transition and transform into thy new ascended soul, aiding thy earth in her journey and ascending with Gaia to inspire a new earth that is harmonious, heavenly and consciously aligned with all the beings and wondrous creations on Earth.

Through the cosmic waves of Orion we cleanse thee now of the memories of the stellar wars and destruction that have plagued thy concept of separation from the one true heart of source. This we gift thee through our waves of light illumination and this we bring to thee when our starry realms align upon thy earthly date of 8:8:20:20.

Breathe beloved, breathe now and feel the love we have for thee, we are thy brethren, thy stellar family and we are devoted to aiding thy journey so that we can return to one.

One heart, one truth, one.

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