Lions Gateway Sound Ceremony – Tuesday 8 August 2023


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Caroline and Michelle will be holding the space for this years Lions Gateway Sound Ceremony.

Set in the heart of the Kent countryside surrounded by the herd this super evening sound experience is one not to miss.

Experience the connection between nature, horses and each other as we are guided into a highly charged light energy flowing from the Lions Gateway.

This can be a transformational experience as we connect, set our intentions and align with our inner divinity to access our higher selves and all the blessings he/she brings

Suitable for all, families are welcome.

Event details

This powerful energy event will be held at the Little Horse Yard, Horton Kirby, Kent.

Exchange £15 per adult, children free.

All ages welcome, under 16s adult supervision at all times please.

Arrive at 7.00pm to set up your pitch. Bring your picnic blanket, citronella candles, blankets, pillows/ chairs, water/snacks.

Dress for the weather.

Wear insect repellant.


Welcome to the Lions Gateway of 2023. 

On this the 8th day of the 8th month we welcome you to join with us as the Lions Gateway activates to awaken a new cosmic energy into our awareness. 

This year as we align with the star of Sirius and the constellation of Orion’s Belt as the Sun peaks in Leo we will receive a transmission of compassion, strength and courage. Our energy bodies will raise their light frequency and as we sit firmly nurtured by the herd and nature in the horse field we will be encouraged to ground this frequency into our physical being, into Earth.

As always this time is great for manifesting ones desires, yet we invite you this year to release all expectation and allow the energies of the Lions Gateway to assist in healing and empowering the flow of abundance for your highest potential rather than align to a singular task.  In this we can invite the Lions Gateway to flow through us as conduits into Earth’s Heart and empower an Earthly healing for her, for all as well.

To assist with the receiving, grounding and transition of these light codes or frequencies we are guided to share with you earthly healing crystals.  These crystals will be charged with energies to support you as well as enhancing their natural healing properties.

This year we are guided to recommend the following crystals:-

Amethyst – Focussing on the third eye this crystal will aid us in connecting and channelling the light codes of the Lions Gateway into our being. 

Amethyst crystals link us to our higher self and inner guardian angels. Harness the calming, peaceful energy of Amethyst to guide your inner spirit towards light and love. 

This stone brings a restored sense of trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe. 

Blue Chalcedony – This compassionate stone works with the throat chakra to help release limitations to sharing ones truth.  As the light codes flow through the body Blue Chalcedony will assist the translation and integration of these codes for one to harness its powerful healing intent.

Calming the emotional body, this crystal will aid the light codes as they bring a sense of peace and clarity.  Helping one to recognise and focus on their dreams or goals to then assist in making these a reality. 

Orange Calcite – Connecting the base, solar plexus and third eye this crystal will aid in the integration and grounding of the light codes.

Orange Calcite helps to bring clarity, positivity and stability, it enhances our personal power and assists in the manifesting dreams into reality.  Orange Calcite focusses on boosting self confidence, trust in ourselves and inspiring spiritual growth and happiness.

Mookaite Jasper – Supreme Nurturer, this crystal will aid in the integration and transition of empowering the light codes throughout ones being. 

This crystal will help to restore balance and bring a feeling of peace and wholeness.  It has an earthy magical essence that invites opportunity and excitement into ones life.  A powerful crystal that supports change and transformation.

Pop this crystal either under your pillow or near your feet when you sleep to help with the grounding and completion of the Lions Gateway transmission. This can take from 7 to 21 days.

Crystals can be pre-ordered for collection at the Lions Gateway event at the Little Horse Yard in Horton Kirby.  If you have already booked your space and wish to purchase a crystal set please just select the crystal set to order.

Cancellation policy – Please allow at least 48 hours notice to cancel your ticket, these cancellations will receive a full refund less our PayPal fees or the full amount can be transferred to another event (we don’t get those reimbursed unfortunately).

If you cancel within 48 hours of the event there will be no refund issued.  You are welcome to resell your ticket yourself, all we ask is that you please advise us of who will be attending in your place.

Thank you.

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