Mocha Opal UFO


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Mocha Opal is a stunning warm hearted crystal with a spirited masculine energy.

It pulses firm and strong exactly as a radar scanning for its object or signal; which for this stone is the light bodies energy transporting themselves through multi-dimensional time lines.

This gem stone has a job to fulfil and wants to direct and navigate you, aligning you with your soul purpose in the most supportive, nurturing, easy way.

Encouragement, Guidance, Support.

UFO’s are an amazing selection of palm stones which have been specifically carved in a semi-dome shape and offer a smooth circular surface to hold on too.

Crystals seem to work so well in this structural shape, they feel lovely and are hugely popular.

They are of course bigger than your average tumble yet they feel so well placed as a stone to carry on your person, pocket or in a bag.

These flattened spheres have been aptly named for good reason, for energetically they feel exceptionally unique, free flowing, some might say out of this world!


Energised Crystals

Our aim is to supply you with fully ethically sourced crystals, from when they are birthed from the caves of Mother Earth, carved, packed, transported and sent to you.

Each piece has been hand chosen, cleansed, energised and then when purchased we empower your crystal with Angelic Healing Love-Light so that it vibrates as its highest potential.

We can also activate your crystal with energy codes that will support a distant healing experience.  Do contact us for further information in regard to this.

Most items can be shipped with royal mail unless you have asked otherwise, heavier items can be shipped with a courier.  Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Shipping costs for international deliveries are on demand.


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