Mum-to-be Crystal Gift Set


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This is a very special gift set of a fertility and pregnancy supporting crystal bracelet with a nurturing peach moonstone birthing stone to support mum through labour and beyond.

Fertility & Prenatal Support Bracelet

Supporting you through your journey of conception to the birth of your beautiful baby and postnatally as your body returns to its natural harmonic state.

These beautiful bracelets are created with energised crystals that aid your wellbeing, help balance your hormones, menstrual cycle, supporting fertility treatment and then help bring balance as you grow your baby.  Once baby has arrived these crystals will work to help your body to recover and ease baby blues through the fourth trimester.

These bracelets are made to order and come in 3 different sizes.  Please check your wrist size before ordering.  The gorgeous spacer is made from sterling silver.

Unakite – this powerful stone works to encourage fertility, support pregnancy and the health of your growing baby.

Rose Quartz – this gentle stone nurtures self love and brings love into all relationships, helping us to feel supported and safe.

Moonstone – the Earth Mother stone, this crystal really inspires the inner mother energy within us, helping to balance hormones and helps regulate your menstrual cycle.  This grounding, nurturing stone aids fertility, pregnancy and the growth of your unborn baby.

Bloodstone – this stone helps us to de-stress and is so very calming, easing and balancing our emotions as it also helps to regulate our menstrual cycle, aids in iron deficiency and helps to clear toxins from our body.

Birthing Stone – Peach Moonstone

This gentle Peach Moonstone crystal carved into a palm stone is the perfect size and energy to be used as a birthing stone.

The concept is simple, before baby arrives you hold the stone, you can rub her across your tummy or just rub her in your hand.  She is strong and capable just like you.

During labour, hold her in your hand, squeeze her and use her as a focal anchor to ride the surges or waves as you bring baby into the world.

Once baby has arrived she will continue to support you both through those early days, weeks and months.

Peach Moonstone is a soothing stone which supports the heart, calms worry and brings out the best in people.

Divine and loving in all situations, it is a great support for intuitive or sensitive children.

Gentle and feminime it aids women with fertility, pregnancy and hormonal balance.

A truly peaceful and harmonious gem.

Price is for one palm stone. Shapes and colours may vary, please do contact us if you wish to choose your palm stone from our selection.

Serendipitous, Harmony, Loving.


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