Opal Black & White UFO


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Opal has a very distinct third eye connection, its purpose to elevate and seat you into a higher spiritual realm.

This particular piece is an offering and opening for you to diversify with the cosmos and align with the new formidable galactic energies coming to fruition.

A truly amazing stone for meditation, healing frequencies and to further expand your spiritual wisdom; add green calcite to the mix, to amplify the energies in the most subtle, gentle way but with great effect.

Diligence, Meditation, Expansion.

UFO are an amazing selection of palm stones which have been specifically carved in a semi-dome shape and offer a smooth circular surface to hold on too.

Crystals seem to work so well in this structural shape, they feel lovely and are hugely popular.

They are of course bigger than your average tumble yet they feel so well placed as a stone to carry on your person, pocket or a bag.

These flattened spheres have been aptly named for good reason, for energetically they feel exceptionally unique, free flowing, some might say out of this world!



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