Phantom Amethyst


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Phantoms are created when a crystal growth is interrupted and then begins to form again. The original minerals get washed away, leaving only the crystal to grow afterward.

Because phantom crystals are formed slowly over such a long period of time, they tend to have absorbed great knowledge and wisdom.  This they share with you to aid the overcoming of old beliefs that have held you back from your full potential.

Phantom crystals are great for cleansing or clear the aura, they work to expel any negative energy that may be sitting in ones auric field.

Increasing your spiritual development, Phantom Amethyst gives you insight and emotional support with  inspiration, clarity and strength. Aiding your personal growth, spiritual evolution and will enhance your healing abilities and connection with your spirit guides.

Gifting a clearer connection to your Akashic Records this stone will also aid meditation and clearer psychic and intuitive senses especially clairaudience.

Ethically sourced from Brazil.

Please note these crystals can vary in size and shape, price is for one tumble only.



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