Pluto Energy Transmission



Pluto/Shiva brings the divine energy of transformation – breaking down the old within order to give way to the new – as the power of Innovation. When we think of Innovation, we think of that which is fresh, new, that which hasn’t been seen before, we think of inspiration, solution, answers, evolution, change, growth and transformation, we think of that which ultimately makes a particular aspect of our life, easier, simpler, less challenging or demanding in some way, more grace-filled, and how that ultimately then impacts upon our life as a whole.

So, we could consider that which Shiva brings through this energy of transformation as a kind of grace that comes into our lives – in order to make things easier, to support us to meet our challenges in a manner that is entirely new, to free ourselves from our past – and so become more readily available to what is here – fresh in this moment, opening us to deeper inner freedom and intimacy.

As we can’t be truly innovative if we are stuck in the past, doing things the way they have always been done, simply coming from our conditioned-habitual-often-unconscious patterns of behaviour, we can’t be innovative if we aren’t present, connected, truly here. 

Often, we can say that we want change within our lives, but we subconsciously or unconsciously cling to what is familiar or known, we stay in our comfort zones, or we try to create change in a way that is rigid and controlled, we do not fully trust to allow ourselves to be open to what is new and unknown.

Innovation can also thereby be seen as a kind of opening to trust in the unknown, to trust in the mystery of life, to go beyond what it is that we think we know about life – which is simply based within all of our past experiences and how they have shaped our world view or perspective regarding ourselves and others. 

At the deepest level this takes us into a kind of inner awakening to who we truly are, to what life truly IS, that radically transforms our entire experience of reality – as what falls away is the false sense of self or ego – through which we have interpreted and related to ourselves, others, and the world around us.

So much of our suffering comes from clinging to the past, what some-one did to us, what we did to them, what did or didn’t happen – and the identity we derive from that. We carry the ‘burden’ of our past with us – even when the experiences that formed it – are long gone. 

Innovation is also then a kind of freedom from our past, an intimate connection with what IS here. It is the freeing of our creative energy to flow in harmony with life – rather than being blocked or restricted by who or what it is we think we are, life is, or someone else is and how we need to be in relationship to that – because of what has happened in the past; which ultimately impacts on all levels of our health and well-being – as from a holistic perspective at the root of any particular issue be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is a resistance to – or disconnection from this natural rhythm or flow of life and how that blocks or restricts our energy.

Innovation is that spontaneous, free, play filled energy we experience when we truly feel alive, connected to ourselves, others, the wonder – the mystery – and the magic of life – some call the Divine…

Innovation is what you are – fresh – new – in every moment – free from the past – connected – present – here…

Transmission Guidance

Listen to each recording over three days to receive Divine grace shone through the Divine Healing Ray of Shiva/Pluto…

On day one listen to the recording for day one, on day two listen to the recording for day two and on day three listen to the recording for day three.  You can also listen to these recordings again at any time to enjoy the transmission further.

On Day One you will receive – An attunement to the Divine Healing Ray of the Shiva/Pluto – providing you with a permanent healing tool that you may then go on to work with for yourself and others, as a profound addition to any practice, you may already be exploring, or an introduction in coming home to the wholeness of your true nature.

On Day Two you will receive – A series of simple teachings and opportunity to bring any questions you may have in relation to your healing process or meditation practice, supporting inner awakening and the deeper embodiment of freedom.

On Day Three you will receive – A group healing, supporting the resolution of any personal challenges or concerns.

You will also receive a pdf file with guided information and an encoded artwork image created by Damian Nola to visually receive and support the transmission.  We recommend you read the pdf file on day one of the transmission.

Please note: due to the length of some of these recordings, we have needed to lower the quality of the mp3.  If you have any issues with the quality of sound please do email and we will send you a dropbox link to a higher quality recording. Thank you.


Elixir of Life Home Study Course

Alchemists equated the elixir of life with the fabled philosopher’s stone, the transmutation of the lead of conditioned consciousness into the gold of enlightenment, an elixir, which would bestow immortality upon any-one who drank it, a movement from the wheel of karma – into true freedom.

Deeper than deep, beyond the surface level of our wants and desires in life, our heart holds a wish for us to be free, open, honest, real – capable of living an authentic, meaningful life, through which we can contribute our gifts to the world. Often, it seems our freedom is limited by external circumstances, but spiritual teachings throughout the ages have guided us to recognise that true freedom is not dependent on anything outside of ourselves.

So, why do we cling to circumstance as what apparently defines us, and how do we open to this freedom in order that we can show up as we truly are, loving, kind, connected, wise, compassionate agents of change that truly contribute to a better and brighter future for all?

Each transmission will explore this question through the lens of a unique theme based upon a specific celestial sphere. Each sphere offering a unique key which will bring resolution to the root cause of what binds you within limitation. Moving you toward the deeper embodiment of your true purpose in life, your authentic expression, unique gifts, joy, abundance, and service to others.

Like the alchemists of time gone by, we will go on an inner journey uncovering the philosopher’s stone, turning lead into gold. Like the fabled knights of the round table (the wheel of the planets around the sun) we will uncover the Holy Grail. Coming to discover the ‘Grail-Stone’ as our very own heart, our true nature, our authentic expression, and the gift of our simple presence in being who we are, open, honest, real.

Every one of us has something unique to contribute, our puzzle piece to offer the collective, a ‘spark’ that when we access it truly supports us to feel connected to the reality of who we are. This home-study program will support you to discover, embody and share the gift of that ‘spark’. Through a process of stripping away the ‘veils of forgetfullness’ that obscure your own inner light, dissolving what you have been conditioned to believe about yourself, the world, and others, so that a deeper intelligence can emerge and begin to inform the course of your life.

Ancient traditions refer to this deeper intelligence as gnosis or wisdom, a knowledge of the ‘true mysteries of life’, in comparison to any kind of ‘intellectual knowledge’ that can be learnt. This home-study program is for those who want to be guided by that wisdom, allowing their unique gifts to emerge and flourish, as they move into the deep fulfillment of living their purpose – simply in being who they truly are.

Come and discover who you truly are and the gift you have to give – through a rich exploration of:

  • What freedom truly is. The difference between the ego’s limited idea of freedom as ‘the freedom to be and do whatever I want’ and the reality of the freedom to live authentically from the depth of your being.
  • Your relationship with freedom – what keeps you stuck in habitual cycles of self-limiting behaviour, and why, as well as how to liberate yourself from those cycles.
  • Your true nature and purpose versus your conditioned image or story about yourself.
  • Twelve transmissions of Divine Presence shone through the lens of a specific celestial sphere, each bringing a unique and permanent gift of healing into your life.

The Themes

From the Sun out to Pluto and Charon, each month via the unique focal lens of a specific celestial sphere we explore the deeper discovery of your unique gifts and authentic expression in the world. Beginning with the Sun and the truth of what it is to step into the radiance of your own inner light, shedding the veils which obscure this, we then move into the gifts of Venus as an exploration of the power of your open heart, a letting go into love, taking us into an exploration of Mars as the peaceful warrior, a laying down of arms and the war with ourselves, life, and others, opening you to your YES to life, and true intimacy, as you open to the gift of Presence and of the Earth, in what it is to be fully here, grounded and available to all of what life has to offer.

The Sun, Venus, Mars and Earth, forming the ground from which we move into a profound karmic clearance of patterns of self-limiting behaviour. Saturn, offering you the gift of freedom from restriction, what weighs you down and what it is you experience as the boundaries or obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, opening you to the gifts of Pluto as a movement beyond the fear of death, change and the unknown, so that you may embrace the gifts of Ceres, in opening to what it is to truly thrive, live abundantly, freely give and receive, taking us into an exploration of Charon as a movement into the inherent wholeness of your true nature, through a healing of the core wound of perceptual separation from the Divine, which serves as the basis for all other issues in life.

With the gift of these two energetic movements, the opening to your inner light (true nature) and the karmic clearance of what obscures the embodied expression of that light, you are then ready to receive the third sequence of transmissions, as a movement into the actualization of your true purpose in the world, a falling away of all that you have been conditioned to believe you need to do, be, or become, then without anything to be – there is simply you as you are, freedom, reality, what Is.

Neptune, offering you the gift of a opening into joy, innocence and play, as a movement from the purpose driven focus of doing into the simplicity of the purpose of being, taking you from the struggle of being human into human being. Mercury, opening you beyond the rigid structure of the word (language) as definition – (this is what I, other or life is) into the speechless dimension of being, what happens in those moments when you are left without words – at the true beauty of life. Uranus, as the magician, opening you to magic – as what is at the heart of life, the miracle of creation. Jupiter, bringing the gift of expansion and innovation, taking you beyond what you have known as the scope of possibility for your life and into the new, as the boundless discovery of your own limitless potential.



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