Reiki Level One – Monday 28 February 2021


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Facilitated by Caroline Sharp, founder of Earth Light Reiki.
​Suitable for all, this energising workshop is where we connect with the Ascending Angels to awaken our Earth Light energy body and connect with the Angelic Realm to explore our connection with our Guardian Angels and let Earth Light Reiki Healing Energy flow from our hands.
The Earth Light Reiki Level One workshop is a wonderful safe, encouraging space to experience and learn the basics of Reiki rooted in the original energy of Usui Reiki but exploring the new intuitive approach that is Earth Light Reiki.
You will receive an attunement (activation) which will awaken your energy body to channel the healing energies of Reiki as well as any others you may intuitively connect to.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and anyone who has learned other healing modalities and wish to learn Earth Light Reiki to use alongside their existing techniques.
You will learn about the origins of Usui Reiki and explore the energetic body using chakras, meridians and auras. You will be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, friends, family and your pets.
Learn skills, techniques and how to connect with ones own unique Reiki energy. With lots of opportunity to practice Reiki and energy healing during the workshop as well as a comprehensive manual to take home, this is a wonderful learning experience.
This is a fully certificated workshop and you will receive a certificate on completion of this workshop.
Ascending Angels, Rainham, ME8 0BG
The event will start at 9.30am and complete at 4.00pm.
This event is suitable for adults only.


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