Ease Anxiety Crystal Bracelet




This beautiful bracelet is filled with calming, stress reducing healing crystals.  Created with balance and harmony in mind so that you can wear it every day to really feel the benefits of these calming, nurturing crystals.

These bracelets are made to order and come in 3 different sizes.  Please check your wrist size before ordering.  The gorgeous spacers are made from sterling silver.

Green Aventurine – Thought to be the luckiest crystal especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth. Calming and focussing this stone clears geopathic stress and cleanses the environment creating a calm, harmonious space. This stone is fabulous for helping you to stay calm and focused. Wonderful for easing anxiousness.

Tree Agate – This is a stone of inner peace and plenitude, bringing abundance and fullness to all areas of life. Tree Agate is a highly supportive stone that boosts the immune system and helps to cleanse through body to allow for a greater flow of energy.

Ruby in Zoisite – Bringing the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. This healing stone stimulates the heart and helps one you open to divine love alleviating grief, anger, despair and defeat.  This is a powerful stone for deep healing.

Amethyst – This powerfully protective stone works to transmute all energy into love, nurturing the inner self in a supportive and healing way.  She is the ‘all healer’ and will bring an empowering sense of calm, confidence and inspire love for the self and others.

Rainbow Obsidian – Another powerfully protective stone that absorbs negative thoughts and transforms them to positive intentions.  A grounding stone that can help you dispel negative beliefs of yourself and others.  A blending stone that enhances and harmonises this crystal set.

Care Guidance

Our crystal bracelets are created to bring a sense of wellness and ease. They are not a substitute for medical treatmentThey are a complimentary therapy to aid, nourish and provide an alternate way to empower the self. They have been created for the soul with loving intention for the highest good of all. Our wish when creating them is to support with hope, peace, trust and acknowledgement of the innate guidance system with us all… the self.

Crystals are Ascending Angels passion and provide us with much joy, comfort and wellbeing and we hope you find this blessing in our product too.

Energised Crystals

Our aim is to supply you with fully ethically sourced crystals, from when they are birthed from the caves of Mother Earth, carved, packed, transported and sent to you.

Each piece has been hand chosen, cleansed, energised and then when purchased we empower your crystal with Angelic Healing Love-Light so that it vibrates as its highest potential.

Most items can be shipped with royal mail unless you have asked otherwise, heavier items can be shipped with a courier.  Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Shipping costs for international deliveries are on demand.

Additional information

Size options

Small 6 inches, Medium 7 inches, Large 8 inches


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