Saturn ‘Kali’ Online Energy Transmission – 31 – 2 August 2021



The next step in the Elixir of Life Home Study Program – The Kali/Saturn Transmission will be offered the 31st July, 1st August, 2nd August… 7.00PM TO 8.30 PM EACH DAY – via Zoom – you do not have to have attended prior sessions to receive this transmission – as each step of the program – stands alone – as well as forming an aspect of the whole…

It is recommended that if you are able to do so – you attend the Zoom calls live/in-person…. but if for any reason this is not possible – you shall be held in the group-field and receive the transmission/healing – and all sessions are recorded for you to connect with at a time that is convenient for you…

The Kali (Saturn) Transmission 

Kali, blacker than black, the radiant darkness of the primordial womb space from which all is born and unto which all returns, devourer of time, the fierce and tender-most mother who dances in the fire of cremation and holds you to her heart. What then is it to enter the darkness, to surrender into the rich-fertile holding of the soil, the groundless-ground of being, to be un-done, re-made? We have been taught to fear the dark, yet before light there was dark, we look to light and yet forget its source. To go beyond the light, to enter the un-see-able – mystery, this Kali offers, to step beyond the fear that has constrained us, restricted us to what can be seen or known. Where it is we may find ourselves stuck, weighed down, frozen, unable to move, Kali calls us into action, tenderly calls us into the darkness of her embrace, lovingly responding to the voice of that which feels lost and/or has given up hope.

In the face of that which would seemingly break-us, Kali is that which breaks us open into an ever-greater depth of the boundless expression of our true nature, Kali is she who takes the broken pieces of our heart – ravaged by the trials of life – and reforges them, whispers you are not broken – you are whole.

Kali breaks the boundaries and limitations, the self-imposed rules, and regulations within which we have lived – as we have feared to truly live. Kali holds the boundary, the space, the container, or vessel of our coming into life, our space, here, the energy of boundary turned to freedom as the expression of our this not that, our healthy yes and no, boundary as an expression of fear, self-protection, separation, and survival, awakened into its true expression of open-authenticity – how is life wanting to be explored here?

Kali opens us into the richness of true-desire, as she takes us beyond the threshold of our fears, our co-dependence, our isolation, and our drive for survival, leading us into a radical honesty and intimacy with life, where boundary becomes containment, the holding of the primordial womb-space, a holding of ourselves, as we step into Presence – the capacity to not leave or abandon ourselves for another.

Kali reveals what we have sought for in the light – is to be found within its source, the dazzling darkness of the groundless ground…

Join us over three days to receive Divine grace shone through the heart of Kali –  

What you will receive:

Day One – An attunement to the Divine Healing Ray of Kali/Saturn – providing you with a permanent healing tool that you may then go on to work with for yourself and others, as a profound addition to any practice, you may already be exploring, or an introduction in coming home to the wholeness of your true nature.

Day Two – A series of simple teachings and opportunity to bring any questions you may have in relation to your healing process or meditation practice, supporting inner awakening and the deeper embodiment of freedom.

Day Three – A group healing, supporting the resolution of any personal challenges or concerns.

All sessions will be held via Zoom – if for any reason you are not able to attend a session, all sessions shall be recorded – so you may connect with such at a time that is convenient for you.

Exchange for the three-day program – 31st July to 2nd August 7.00 to 8.30 PM (BST/UK) is £70 GBP.

Full details regarding the entire 12 month Elixir of Life Home Study Program…


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