Shungite Tile


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The benefits of this scientifically studied master are numerous.

Firstly its power to slow down the EMF(electro magnetic frequency) radiation waves from being absorbed by the body.

It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can reduce joint pain, stabilises and bring positive outcomes for those with recurring illness.

Better still you can use it to purify drinking water, energising it and reaping the benefits even further.

This 100mm square tile is a perfect coaster for your glass, it will energise and purify your water as your rest your glass on it.

This is also great for sitting your cell phone or tablet on overnight to reduce radiation waves (especially if you leave these by your bed).

Please note: Due to the carbon nature of Shungite, there may be a slight black residue that comes off the crystal when you touch it.  This easily washes off your skin with water. 

Stability, Soothing, Grounding, Wisdom.

Energised Crystals

Our aim is to supply you with fully ethically sourced crystals, from when they are birthed from the caves of Mother Earth, carved, packed, transported and sent to you.

Each piece has been hand chosen, cleansed, energised and then when purchased we empower your crystal with Angelic Healing Love-Light so that it vibrates as its highest potential.

We can also activate your crystal with energy codes that will support a distant healing experience.  Do contact us for further information in regard to this.

Most items can be shipped with royal mail unless you have asked otherwise, heavier items can be shipped with a courier.  Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

Shipping costs for international deliveries are on demand.


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