Soul Awakening Session – Sunday 18 April 2021


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Combining the multi-dimensional healing energies channelled by Caroline of Ascending Angels together with the gentle, yet powerfully transformative energies of Michelle Budd and her majestic herd we bring you these Soul Awakening Sessions.

Your journey will consist of 3 mediative energy experiences designed to guide you into your inner self, to then align with your higher self in order to explore, unweave, release and dissolve patterns of disharmony to then embrace your inner essence and allow this to expand into all aspects of your life.

Through energy healing, time spent with the herd and conscious reflection with the elements you are given the space, opportunity and encouragement to delve into those core principles or stories of self-dissatisfaction, to recognise these and bring resolutions. To remind yourself of your oneness with the Earth and the Universe, to identify and embrace your soul in a more conscious, empowering manner as you align more fully to your souls purpose, with clarity and divine inspiration.

This experience has a maximum of 3 attendees each on their own unique journey. We met together with a collective meditation at the beginning of the event and return together at the end to complete the experience.

This energy event will be held at:- 

The Little Horse Yard, Mussenden Lane Horton Kirby, DA4 9JW. 

From 10am to 1pm on Sunday 18 April 2021.



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