The 12 Archangel Healing Rays Part Four



1. Archangel Ezekiel & Archangel Raziel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

The twin flame ray, the Angel of Death ‘Ezekiel’ brings endings to all patterns that no longer serve for thy highest potential combining his energy with that of Archangel Raziel the Angel of Birth who thus transforms and re-births thee. A powerfully cleansing attunements.

2. Archangel Seraphiel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

This ray is the Angelic Bridge for bringing divinity into the physical expression, a channel for all angelic energy, angelic love and truth.

3. Archangel Sandalphon Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

This beautiful energy ray attunement comes forth with the sound of the Archangels who sing an Angelic vibration through thy body to awaken the ‘Angel’ from within.  It is quite usual to find yourself singing alot with this attunement.


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