The 12 Archangel Healing Rays Part One



1. Archangel Michael Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

Connecting one to the energy of the Archangels with 3 energetic rays of light to template our connection through these rays described as  ‘Love-light’, ‘Wisdom’, and ‘Power’. The trinity of these rays creates the following harmonic flow ; connecting with the ‘Love-light’ energy of the Angelic Realm, bringing ‘Wisdom’ to understand our insecurities, judgements and fears and the ‘Power’ to release and cleanse ourselves of these.

2. Archangel Mary Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

This energy ray works with your inner child, reconnecting you once again and bringing an innocent, childlike quality to your life, this allows you to see and recognise pure joy and happiness.

3. Archangel Tzaphkiel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

This energy is described as Angelic Light. It works on a mental level, clearing old templates and creating new ones, this ray releases patterns of consciousness, and it breaks through old barriers.


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