The 12 Archangel Healing Rays Part Two



1. Archangel Gabriel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

This energy ray brings forth the colour of lilac/lavender; this ray focuses on your connection with the Divine, the truth of the Divine. Releasing religious indoctrinations, recognising one’s own truth. Connecting with the Divine through one’s own self-channelling, finding grace and peace.

2. Archangel Satron Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

Birthing new bodies of information and thought, bringing light into the subconscious and unconscious self.

Stripping away at the surface to reach the core being. The conscious mind holds 1/10th of the truth with this ray you will begin to access the unconscious truth, accessing the unknown, connecting with one’s Akashic record, bringing light, illumination to the darkness of the unknown. This is a no nonsense ray it brings light right into darkness awakening the truth of divinity.

3. Archangel Jophiel Healing Ray Attunement Meditation

Bringing into the now.  Letting go of living for the past or future, bringing belief of happiness and contentment to the now, recognising the blessings of today, seeing the truth of today and understanding the myth of time – new realisation of self truth, being in your true heart.


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