The 12 Ascended Masters Meditation Transmissions part four



10. Buddha – Allow ancestral lineage to purify, forgive, release, love and let yourselves awaken to self love and self acceptance.

Laugh with Love.  Come into your Buddha consciousness!  Understand abundance. Balance energy attached to money, removing old concepts of money and material power. Background music provided by Mark Swan, Gong Master from his CD “Aquarian Transitions” and music by Symbiosis.

11. Lord Sanander/Lord Jesus – Love, Love, Love.

Opening thy heart to love, soothing words of love, creating peace and harmony within.

Transformative. Includes music by Symbiosis.

12. Universal Light Master ‘Cristala’ – To be received only on completion of all the other 11 Ascended Master meditations. Encompassing Ascension Energy into one’s being, and merging completely with the Ascended Masters light power and wisdom.

Step into your inner Master!

Ascended Masters Healing Course

Channelled with the energy vibration of the Ascended Masters these 12 healing meditations focus on raising ones energy body to ascend and expand, clearing the connection to the Ascended Masters and their divine healing energy.

The Ascended Masters are Divine Beings who once walked on Earth and have ascended to a higher plane/vibration of existence.  They now sit in chambers at sacred sites around the Earth and are her light guardians.  As these beings have experienced lives upon Earth they understand our inner world and their compassionate healing energy brings our awareness to balancing our spirit/physical presence and has a very practical approach – they are grounding, wise and inspiring.

We recommend a single meditation is followed daily for a period of 21 days before listening to the next meditation.

Please listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 7 days between each meditation our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on either the full or new moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.

As these meditations include an attunement we ask that you please listen to each meditation daily for at least 7 days and, if possible, 21 days.  If on any day you are unable to listen to the meditation please allow yourself some time to relax and connect with the Ascended Master you are connecting with.


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