The Divine Human – 2. Re-calibration Module



A collection of the second four transmissions from the Divine Human Energy Course.

Re-calibration of the subtle energetic system into resonance with its natural focus of expression free from conditioning supports the process through which a greater depth of your true nature can be embodied and expressed through form. Considering the subtle energetic system as being the vehicle through which Divinity is expressing itself in life, so this focus of re-calibration acts to evolve that vehicle, creating it to be more fluid, open, and vibrationally aligned with truth, enabling it to support the grounding of higher multi-dimensional forms of light, creating space for the essence of who you are in truth to be directly experienced here, integrated through the human personality and body-mind.

5. Light TransmissionLove gives birth to wisdom as through intimacy (into-me-see) you are rooted within a clear  seeing of reality. So, as you enter the second module having deeply received love there begins to emerge this quality of clarity and truth, belief patterns rooted within a false view of yourself, others and life further fall away, and you begin to access a deeper intelligence or inspiration that is sourced from a space beyond mind. 

This months transmission focuses then on supporting you to live from truth. Restructuring your usual perceptual frame-work they open you to the awareness of what exists beyond the experience you are having of reality generated through your senses and the meaning that you may give to circumstance in order that what can emerge is that which is not dependent on mind, your sense or emotions – as the truth of what you are, and this perceptual-restructuring then further deconstructs the image you hold of yourself, opening you to greater inner freedom as you are able to see things in a new light.

6. Radiance Transmission As light enters and you embody a clear seeing of reality you open into a deeper focus of appreciation for your own inner radiance, beauty and strength, transmuting what-so-ever you may hold which creates you to be unable to fully recognise this or somehow see yourself as less than, weak and incapable. 

Over the course of this month patterns of conditioning rooted within those experiences where it may be that you felt you lost connection with your own inner light, felt defeated, abandoned or alone and lost faith in your yourself and the Divine or where it is you perceived what could be termed the dark to be more powerful than the light are thereby compassionately held and supported to come into resolution, leading you to discover how it is that you can be compassionately present with the darkness (what has forgotten the light of its true nature) within your own self and the world not as something to be feared or vilified but rather as that which is calling to be met with love, non-judgement and forgiveness, this freeing you from shame and unworthiness in order that you may recognise that no matter what you may have done there is an unconditionality of love which holds and acknowledges you as the truth of what you are.

7. Communion TransmissionMeeting with the light of your true nature you enter communion with what is deeper than any image, story or concept of yourself and begin to experience the boundless mystery of life as that which inspires play, creativity, discovery and growth. 

So, the transmission shared this month is specifically designed within order to support this kind of open, innocent and play filled discovery, exploration and deepening into mystery. Reminding you of the truth, spontaneity and fluidity of play they act to break down rigidity and structures of control, bringing with them the energy and consciousness of the archetypal figure of the fool who in knowing nothing is open and surrendered to meeting life here as it is.

8. Sky Father Transmission Opening to the Heart of Father God you are supported to step into a deeper awareness of the relationship that you hold with your own inner masculine presence and the gifts that are expressed through this aspect of your multi-dimensional nature via your ability to bring what has been discovered through the spirit of play (explored over the course of the previous month) into action. 

The transmission shared this month thereby supports you in stepping into right action within the world, grounding the higher vision of your heart in alignment with Divine intention and giving birth to the new. 

On a subtle energetic level this relating to the integration of head, heart and gut, bridging the light (masculine) from the head through the heart and down into the womb or hara (feminine) giving birth to power (son/daughter). 

Together a weaving of masculine and feminine alignment with Divine Intention birthing creation as surrender and action flow seamlessly in surrendered-action to what is the highest potential, what needs to be given, to be received, met and acknowledged in order that Heart can embody and reveal itself fully in the world.

Divine Human Energy Transmission Course

This online course is guided to be completed over 12 months. Each transmission includes 2 recordings and a picture code (created by Damian Nola) to support the transmission. You are guided to sit/lie and listen to the first (opening) meditation daily for 3 days and then the second meditation (integration) daily for 3 days approximately 14 days later. In between this time we suggest you connect with the picture code daily to assist the integration of each transmission. We highly recommend you commencing each transmission on a full moon, listening to the opening meditation over the full moon and then the integration meditation over the new moon and so on…

These meditation transmissions are designed to connect energetically with you to bring focus to specific aspects of the subtle energetic system, incorporating three threads – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve these aspects as a vehicle for the expression of presence within the self.

Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular-genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures, organs, endocrine, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing that more of your true nature can be expressed through all facets of your life.

The Divine Human – a twelve step deep immersion into the energy science of spiritual awakening – supporting you to dissolve core focuses of ego-ic identity that keep you held within repetitive cycles of self-limiting behaviour – opening you into greater inner freedom, joy, health and abundance as well as the expression of your own unique gifts.

Image by Damian Nola

Each transmission has been specifically designed to generate a tremendous evolutionary light-acceleration of your consciousness and energy system – opening you to discover what it is that you have to uniquely offer through your authentic expression. This course is not about teaching you to do what someone else does, another modality or technique, this course will support you to un-cover what you do, your heart, your specialty, the magic of what happens when you show up authentically as you.

Different traditions through-out the ages have referred to this in different ways – awakening, light-body integration, the descent of the Holy Spirit – but essentially, they all refer to the same thing – the opening of the heart and presence – how present are we with life, open to and embracing of reality.

This course will support you to open to what some refer to as the power of presence, the present moment, a greater depth of capacity to truly meet, embrace, enjoy and love life – sharing the gifts of your heart, your uniqueness, your beauty.


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