The Divine Human – 3. Stabilisation Module


1 × 9. Power Energy Transmission

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1 × 10. The Word Energy Transmission

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1 × 11. Mystery Energy Transmission

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1 × 12. Divine Human Energy Transmission

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A collection of the final four transmissions from the Divine Human Energy Course.

As your former reference patterns of behaviour fall away and it is recognised that even though there is no ‘I’ (egoic character structure) to live life there is still a life to be lived, stabilisation (embodiment) takes you toward a deeper focus of surrender through which your true nature expresses in each moment. Seen from another perspective embodiment could then also be referred to as the implementation of what has been awakened to, except that there are no rules for how such should be implemented, lived or acted upon, so what emerges is a surrender into the spontaneous unfolding of life guided through an alignment with your true nature. This aspect of transmission thereby bridges you deeper into truth and stabilises or anchors you there within order that rather than being pulled into acting out from whatever forms of conditioning may remain within the psyche and body-mind you are better enabled to act from what is awake to reality within you.

9. Power Transmission In seamless unity love and light give rise to power through the alchemical balance of masculine and feminine energy flowing in harmony in order to give birth to creation. 

Entering into the third module the focus of this transmission that you receive over the course of this month thereby support you to resolve what may lay between your own inner masculine and feminine as conflict within order that you can come into balance and step forward through empowered action within life rather than finding patterns of internal struggle being reflected within your external circumstance as an expression of the primary fears held by the core masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche. 

These arising as fear of loss of connection to the light which manifests through a sense of feeling directionless, powerless and without clarity in terms of the masculine and fear of loss of connection to love which manifests through a sense of rejection, abandonment, lack of holding and support in terms of the feminine. 

As it is these fears come into resolution the masculine surrendering the mind into the deep mystery of love and the feminine feeling met, seen, acknowledged, free to express without being controlled, silenced or manipulated. 

This opening what has been referred to as the voice of the womb (hara) a deep wellspring of wisdom and creative power, which embodies the essence of the Word (In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God) as that which exists prior to creation.

10. The Word Transmission Building on what you have received over the course of the prior month, the transmission that is received over the course of this month deepen your connection with the Word as that which wholly embodies the boundless creative power of the Divine to give rise to its own limitless potential. 

So, you are invited with an open heart and spirit of play-filled curiosity to stretch beyond the boundaries of what you may have imagined as being possible and from a place of alignment with deep wisdom and truth to embrace risk as that which serves you to discover what lays beyond what you may have defined as safe. 

Here then is the invitation to discover the power within your own vulnerability when it is that you allow yourself to be seen, to show up and connect within intimacy, to be unmasked and allow what is beyond and yet wears all masks to express.

11. Mystery Transmission Unmasked, shedding old skins you stand naked and unadorned bearing witness to the mystery of what you are beyond definition. Here then in being no-thing there is the freedom to be all-things, a richness of boundless potential expression that is guided through alignment with Divine Intention. 

Over the course of this month you are thereby loving held and supported to step into an exploration of what keeps you from the freedom to be here as you are, to show up and embrace what IS. As it is this exploration leads you into the discovery of a greater depth of presence and intimacy, bridging you ever deeper through Mystery and into the recognition of what is truly here as boundless love. 

What is here? Being the core thread that runs through this transmission that you receive this month. The essence of this question cutting through the perceptual filters that overlay your experience of reality, opening you to the unknown within order that you can see with fresh eyes that are free from assumption. This being how right action is born, as in freedom from assumption you connect with what is here and that which is present beyond separation consciousness emerges as the truth of what you are.

12. Divine Human Transmission Over the course of this month you are invited into the exploration of what it truly is to be human free from the labels, assumptions and belief structures which may have distorted your experience of such. 

This offering you the opportunity to embody presence (Divinity) through your humanness in a deeper fashion and to ground all that you have received over the course of the past eleven months through all aspects of your life. On a macro level this also opening you into a deeper focus of appreciation of your relationship through Oneness with all of humanity, further dissolving structures of perceptual separation which keep you out of connection, intimacy and the truth of what it is to authentically meet without mask or pretence within relationship, this allowing for the arising of love and the deeper transmutation of what you may have judged or rejected within the heart of humanity and your own self. 

Then rather than meeting the world from judgement, fear or rejection you can meet it with love, compassion, wisdom and truth, this being the natural expression of The Divine Human in action.

Divine Human Energy Transmission Course

This online course is guided to be completed over 12 months. Each transmission includes 2 recordings and a picture code (created by Damian Nola) to support the transmission. You are guided to sit/lie and listen to the first (opening) meditation daily for 3 days and then the second meditation (integration) daily for 3 days approximately 14 days later. In between this time we suggest you connect with the picture code daily to assist the integration of each transmission. We highly recommend you commencing each transmission on a full moon, listening to the opening meditation over the full moon and then the integration meditation over the new moon and so on…

These meditation transmissions are designed to connect energetically with you to bring focus to specific aspects of the subtle energetic system, incorporating three threads – liberation, recalibration, and stabilisation, within order to awaken and evolve these aspects as a vehicle for the expression of presence within the self.

Over the course of the entire year this then creates a tremendous focus of the bridging of Divine energy, consciousness, and intelligence through all dimensions of your energetic and cellular-genetic systems, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying, illuminating, and awakening the pathways that connect each of your subtle bodies into the various anatomical structures, organs, endocrine, and neural systems of your physical form, in order that the body-mind can establish connection with, ground, integrate, and embody progressively higher levels or forms of light, and in so doing that more of your true nature can be expressed through all facets of your life.

The Divine Human – a twelve step deep immersion into the energy science of spiritual awakening – supporting you to dissolve core focuses of ego-ic identity that keep you held within repetitive cycles of self-limiting behaviour – opening you into greater inner freedom, joy, health and abundance as well as the expression of your own unique gifts.

Image by Damian Nola

Each transmission has been specifically designed to generate a tremendous evolutionary light-acceleration of your consciousness and energy system – opening you to discover what it is that you have to uniquely offer through your authentic expression. This course is not about teaching you to do what someone else does, another modality or technique, this course will support you to un-cover what you do, your heart, your specialty, the magic of what happens when you show up authentically as you.

Different traditions through-out the ages have referred to this in different ways – awakening, light-body integration, the descent of the Holy Spirit – but essentially, they all refer to the same thing – the opening of the heart and presence – how present are we with life, open to and embracing of reality.

This course will support you to open to what some refer to as the power of presence, the present moment, a greater depth of capacity to truly meet, embrace, enjoy and love life – sharing the gifts of your heart, your uniqueness, your beauty.