The Elixir of Life – Module One Bundle



A collection of the first four transmissions in the Elixir of Life Online Energy Transmission Course.

From the Sun out to Pluto and Charon, each month via the unique focal lens of a specific celestial sphere we explore the deeper discovery of your unique gifts and authentic expression in the world. Beginning with the Sun and the truth of what it is to step into the radiance of your own inner light, shedding the veils which obscure this, we then move into the gifts of Venus as an exploration of the power of your open heart, a letting go into love, taking us into an exploration of Mars as the peaceful warrior, a laying down of arms and the war with ourselves, life, and others, opening you to your YES to life, and true intimacy, as you open to the gift of Presence and of the Earth, in what it is to be fully here, grounded and available to all of what life has to offer. 


1 – The Sun guides us into a realisation of the deepest movement of healing, an awakening to our inherent wholeness, free from the stories of our past, and goals in future time – to reach some kind of elevated, bigger, or brighter state, tying us to stories of lack, and inadequacy, supporting us to be here now, open to the recognition that this moment is enough just as it is, we are enough just as we are. 

Then without anything to be or become, we can simply be ourselves, without life having to be anything, we give life the freedom to be what it IS, we stop struggling with and trying to control or otherwise manipulate life, ourselves, or others into an image of how we have been conditioned to believe the way things should be. 

Far from a passive acceptance of ‘this is just the way things are’, we then enter a deeply intimate and wise response to each and every circumstance of life, free from our conditioned agendas, which moves us into living our dharma in the world, through right action.

We live with greater compassion, greater honesty, and greater freedom, letting our light shine, and that light transforms all it touches upon.

2 – Venus – The light of Venus opens us to the recognition of what would life be if we were to approach all that we may view as ‘bad’ not from judgment but from love? Rather than closing our heart, withdrawing, isolating, and/or cutting ourselves off, what if we were to remain open, present, and connected. Rather than coming from blame and accusation, victimhood and/or self-righteousness, what if we were to see one another with compassion?

This opening us to true responsibility (the ability to respond) as far from being a ‘passive acceptance’ or conversely a judgement and condemnation of our own or others actions – love opens us to act in accordance with the wisdom of the heart in relationship to all circumstances of life.

3 – Mars is the power of Divine will made manifest, the power to take action in the world, freedom from fear, oppression and submission born from the apparent need to control. So, it is the freedom to be yourself, the freedom for others to be, the freedom for life to be what it IS.

We all know the fear that would drive us to feel the need to attack or defend ourselves against another, the fear of our own ‘internal demons’, our ‘shadow’, the unresolved experiences of our past – reflected within the external circumstance of our everyday lives. What though if we were to embrace our ‘demons’ with openness, what if there was nothing to fight or flee from, what if there were no enemy?

Mars invites you into a recognition of this, dissolves the duality of good and evil, the position that would take sides, our ideas of right and wrong, standing simply for truth.

Truth which serves no agenda…

What is it then to simply be truthful to ourselves, to one another, and to life?

4 – Earth ‘The Magdalene’ Transmission – The Magdalene stands fully within a passion filled, ecstatic union with life, embodied in surrender to the Divine – asking us the question of what if we were to truly allow ourselves to experience joy and pleasure.

She reveals Heaven not as some far off placed removed from life – but rather as the reality of what is here – available in each and every moment – inviting us to be here – unashamedly radically alive – open to our passion and our joy, open to that bliss – which surpasses any sense of ego-ic self, and which simply is the natural state of being – fully absorbed/dissolved in the embrace of God.

Elixir of Life Home Study Course – Transmission Guidance

This online course is guided to be completed over 12 months. Each transmission includes 3 recordings and a picture code (created by Damian Nola) to support the transmission. You are guided to sit/lie and listen to the first (opening) meditation on day one, the second recording (integration) on day two and the final recording (completion) on day 3. During this time we suggest you connect with the picture code daily to assist the integration of each transmission. We highly recommend you commencing each transmission on a full moon, listening to the opening meditation over the full moon and then the integration meditation over the new moon and so on…

Once you have completed the Solar/Sun transmission allow yourself at least 21 days rest before moving on to the next transmission, and so on.

You will also receive a pdf file with guided information to support the transmission. We recommend you read the pdf file on day one of the transmission.

Please note: due to the length of some of these recordings, we have needed to lower the quality of the mp3.  If you have any issues with the quality of sound please do email and we will send you a dropbox link to a higher quality recording. Thank you.


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