The Elixir of Life – Module Two Bundle



A collection of the second four transmissions in the Elixir of Life Online Energy Transmission Course.

The Sun, Venus, Mars and Earth, forming the ground from which we move into a profound karmic clearance of patterns of self-limiting behaviour. Saturn, offering you the gift of freedom from restriction, what weighs you down and what it is you experience as the boundaries or obstacles that keep you feeling stuck, opening you to the gifts of Pluto as a movement beyond the fear of death, change and the unknown, so that you may embrace the gifts of Ceres, in opening to what it is to truly thrive, live abundantly, freely give and receive, taking us into an exploration of Charon as a movement into the inherent wholeness of your true nature, through a healing of the core wound of perceptual separation from the Divine, which serves as the basis for all other issues in life.

5 – Saturn ‘Kali’ Transmission breaks the boundaries and limitations, the self-imposed rules, and regulations within which we have lived – as we have feared to truly live. Kali holds the boundary, the space, the container, or vessel of our coming into life, our space, here, the energy of boundary turned to freedom as the expression of our this not that, our healthy yes and no, boundary as an expression of fear, self-protection, separation, and survival, awakened into its true expression of open-authenticity – how is life wanting to be explored here? 

Kali opens us into the richness of true-desire, as she takes us beyond the threshold of our fears, our co-dependence, our isolation, and our drive for survival, leading us into a radical honesty and intimacy with life, where boundary becomes containment, the holding of the primordial womb-space, a holding of ourselves, as we step into Presence – the capacity to not leave or abandon ourselves for another. 

Kali reveals what we have sought for in the light – is to be found within its source, the dazzling darkness of the groundless ground… 

6 – Pluto ‘Shiva’ Transmission brings the divine energy of transformation – breaking down the old within order to give way to the new – as the power of Innovation. When we think of Innovation, we think of that which is fresh, new, that which hasn’t been seen before, we think of inspiration, solution, answers, evolution, change, growth and transformation, we think of that which ultimately makes a particular aspect of our life, easier, simpler, less challenging or demanding in some way, more grace-filled, and how that ultimately then impacts upon our life as a whole.

7 – Charon – As the Divine Guide – Charon – opens us to Divine Guidance as the course or focus of direction for our lives – supporting us to let go of the conditioned motivational tendencies of egoic identity rooted within survival consciousness – so that we may gracefully enter into alignment with right action – and that which truly supports our dharma (purpose) in life.

If we consider how deeply it is we are motivated by ego, separation and survival consciousness in life – so Charon unravels the tight knot of how it is we are approaching life from that place … deepening us in surrender and alignment with Divine Flow…

Charon – guides us to recognise where we are resisting the flow, holding ourselves rigid or stuck – and to softly open, melt, relax within those places – so that grace may enter…

8 – Ceres opens us to the naturalness of our authentic expression or being in the world, supporting us to release the artificial layers of learnt conditioned behaviour through which we view and subsequently respond to life. If we consider the mythology surrounding Ceres where she is seen in some ways as Mother Nature and we explore the word Nature – in terms of its connection to nurture, true nature, naturalness, we can then begin to appreciate a deeper depth of what is offered through this transmission; the profound nurturance of a compassionate holding presence that gives rise to the blossoming of our heart into its natural expression. What is artificial, false, rooted in mask, pretence, avoidance and manipulation – Ceres supports the dissolution of, as it reaches into the roots of what separates us from our true nature and grounds us in reality, growing our branches so that we may reach beyond the limited self-defined views we have of ourselves, others, and life, and open to the un-definable through mystery. 

Elixir of Life Home Study Course – Transmission Guidance

This online course is guided to be completed over 12 months. Each transmission includes 3 recordings and a picture code (created by Damian Nola) to support the transmission. You are guided to sit/lie and listen to the first (opening) meditation on day one, the second recording (integration) on day two and the final recording (completion) on day 3. During this time we suggest you connect with the picture code daily to assist the integration of each transmission. We highly recommend you commencing each transmission on a full moon, listening to the opening meditation over the full moon and then the integration meditation over the new moon and so on…

Once you have completed the Saturn transmission allow yourself at least 21 days rest before moving on to the next transmission, and so on.

You will also receive a pdf file with guided information to support the transmission. We recommend you read the pdf file on day one of the transmission.

Please note: due to the length of some of these recordings, we have needed to lower the quality of the mp3.  If you have any issues with the quality of sound please do email and we will send you a dropbox link to a higher quality recording. Thank you.


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