Uranus ‘Merlin’ Energy Transmission – 28-30 April 2022


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The next step in the Elixir of Life Home Study Program – The Uranus Transmission will be offered the 28th, 29th and 30th of April… 7.00PM TO 8.30 PM EACH DAY – via Zoom – you do not have to have attended prior sessions to receive this transmission – as each step of the program – stands alone – as well as forming an aspect of the whole…
It is recommended that if you are able to do so – you attend the Zoom calls live/in-person…. but if for any reason this is not possible – you shall be held in the group-field and receive the transmission/healing – and all sessions are recorded for you to connect with at a time that is convenient for you…
The Elixir of Life – Uranus Transmission
Uranus is traditionally seen as the ‘higher octave’ of Mercury – thereby also linking with the archetype of the magician and subsequently Merlin.
Over the course of these three days – we shall thereby be immersed within the field of Merlin’s Divine Presence – opening to receive the gifts of Uranus – as that which supports magical transformation (Uranus can be seen as that which relates to radical change, transformation, the letting go or surrender of the old/past – to give way to that which is new and fresh here in the moment – and also that which supports us to navigate through the changes or transitions within our lives – to find stability or peace – within what may at times feel like chaos and/or deep loss – as we shed the old and give way to the new – the ‘birthing pains’ of our awakening – and the alchemical transformative fire – which we step through/burns up that which is not truth – as we deepen within that awakening and the embodiment/lived expression of such).
Join us over three days to receive Divine grace shone through the heart of Uranus –
What you will receive:
Day One – An attunement to the Divine Healing Ray of Uranus – providing you with a permanent healing tool that you may then go on to work with for yourself and others, as a profound addition to any practice, you may already be exploring, or an introduction in coming home to the wholeness of your true nature.
Day Two – A series of simple teachings and opportunity to bring any questions you may have in relation to your healing process or meditation practice, supporting inner awakening and the deeper embodiment of freedom.
Day Three – A group healing, supporting the resolution of any personal challenges or concerns.
All sessions will be held via Zoom – if for any reason you are not able to attend a session, all sessions shall be recorded – so you may connect with such at a time that is convenient for you.
Exchange for the three-day program – 28th to the 30th April 7.00 to 8.30 PM (BST/UK) is £70 GBP.


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