Vortex Light Energy Course – part four



10. God Zeus Meditation Transmission 

The almighty Father of the Gods brings forth Divine Father energy to guide you on your path of spiritual wisdom and eternal evolution.  This is the stellar ray of cosmic light, it is the sapphire wave/ray of illumined energy and its powerful Vortex Light codes deeply transform the very essence of your inner realm of existence.  Zeus channels a deep wisdom to the very core of your being, he channels through your stellar lineage to raise your vibrational energy bodies to their highest potential.

11. Goddess Lakshmi Meditation Transmission 

One with the natural elements of Earth, the Goddess Lakshmi smiles upon you and brings forth a cosmic ray of golden greens and yellows.  Her peaceful, gentle energy now settles and calms the codes that have be received before hers. Her wave or ray being that of balance and joy.  With Divine Mother love she holds her hand out to you and brings you close into a nurturing embrace.  Focusing on the inner child the wise Lakshmi energises the codes of Vortex Light to transform him/her to release all beliefs of responsibility so that the child can be free to have fun and be joyful. Flowers and plants are blessed by the Lakshmi and they may seem brighter, smell better and you may experience a deeper desire to be in nature with this energy ray.

12. God Shiva Meditation Transmission 

Embodying the masculine/feminine energies Shiva comes forth as a transcendental being of light, with the full balance of energies so that he is not man or woman but a combination of both.  This powerful ray is deep red in colour and focusses on our understanding of the feminine/masculine aspects of our form to bring balance and empower these to enhance our truth, our being to inspire our journey of love-light and manifest abundance and oneness with the Earth.  A ray or wave of awakening, this energy ray brings balance to all of our multi-dimensional bodies of existence and may bring into consciousness bodies we have not yet awoken.  A powerful ray and one which may induce a deep cleansing process.

13. The Mother Gaia Meditation Transmission 

This final ray of rainbow colours brings all the Vortex Light rays into one embodiment. Merging with all our multi-dimensional bodies this final key/code awakens the fast flowing energy of Vortex Light, this now flowing through every single cell of our being and with focus of intent we can allow this to flow through others (with permission) to bring a deep and powerful healing.  The Mother Gaia nurtures all our bodies of consciousness and blesses us with her most ancient wisdom of healing Earth-Light.

The Vortex Light Energy Course

This concept of healing energy is channelled with the love-light of the Gods and Goddesses of Earth.  An ancient healing vibration that can now be accessed and awoken into our being through a process of receiving 12 keys or codes that when flowed through the body activate our being to channel and bring healing light with the Vortex Light into our multi-dimensional bodies.

We recommend a single meditation is followed daily for a period of 21 days before listening to the next meditation.

Please listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 7 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on either the full or new moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.


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