Vortex Light Energy Course – part three



7. Goddess Anu Meditation Transmission 

She is of the moon, the stars and the sun.  She is everywhere and everyone. Anu will speak with you, she is of the faeries and spirits of earth, she is the illumined one and once again there is balance and harmony.  This is the grey wave/ray of light that Anu brings forth.  She is stone and graphite, she is rock and she is strong.  Anu carries wisdom and is eternal,  her ancient strength cleanses our mortal being and reminds us of our spiritual immortality.  She aids us in accessing wisdom carried forth from our ancestors as well as connecting more deeply with the ancient elementals.

8. God Amun Ra Meditation Transmission

He is of the sun, he is spirit and light. His wings help us to take flight.  With the energy of Ra our eyes are opened to the truth of life, of spirit, of divinity.  Empowering us with his God ray of Golden light the Amun Ra focusses on our intuitive vision, our ability to see/sense the truth as well as speaking our truth.  With this key we begin to unlock the vision of Vortex Light healing and really begin to empower the codes within the cells of our body to feel the flow of Vortex Light.

9. Goddess Sarai Meditation Transmission 

This ancient Divine Mother is the Goddess of Seasons, she empowers within the cycle of life, bringing closure to the past and awakening new beginnings. Her amber wave/ray of light focusses on our sacral chakra, allowing the flowering of new ideas and beliefs.  Let the Goddess Sarai help you manifest abundance and cosmic flow of creation into your life journey.  She is the huntress, she is strong, wise and practical.

The Vortex Light Energy Course

This concept of healing energy is channelled with the love-light of the Gods and Goddesses of Earth.  An ancient healing vibration that can now be accessed and awoken into our being through a process of receiving 12 keys or codes that when flowed through the body activate our being to channel and bring healing light with the Vortex Light into our multi-dimensional bodies.

We recommend a single meditation is followed daily for a period of 21 days before listening to the next meditation.

Please listen to these meditations in order and allow at least 7 days between each meditation, our suggestion is that you listen to the meditation on either the full or new moon and therefore allow 13 moons to complete the course, giving your body time to absorb and balance between each meditation.