Winter Solstice – Sacred Pathways Meditation Transmission


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Cleansing our Sacred Pathways this Winter Solstice as we prepare for the completion of 2020 and set our intentions for the new year ahead.


It has been an intense year, with lots of transformation, healing and growth.  This intense time has really shaken our beliefs, our patterns, our stories and this meditation transmission has been created to cleanse and heal these old concepts from our being.


Delving into our roots, our ancestors and our energetic connection with Mother Earth to release what no longer serves us on our life journey.


Embracing and awakening our conscious connection with our Gaia Chakra at the heart of Earth to explore sharing our healing journey with our soul group to truly empower and enhance the lifting, lightening, awakening, healing we can experience here on Earth.


On completion of your order you will receive an email confirmation with your mp3 recording to download. You can listen to this meditation on Sunday 20 December.
Caroline will connect with you energetically on Monday 21 December 2020 at 9.30pm to support the energetic process of the transmission through your body.  You can chose to lie down and listen to the recording at this time for its most fullest effects, or if you are busy, simply allow the healing to flow later when you are ready to receive.


Then the following day/evening you can listen to the recording again to complete the Sacred Pathways healing experience.

You may also feel guided to listen to this meditation again and again to fully absorb the powerful healing experience.  Remember, this is a transmission so you may feel a little wobbly for a few days as toxins and old stories, patterns are released through your energy system.

VENUE: A comfortable, quiet space in your home where you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.


TIME & DATE: 9.30pm Monday 21 December 2020 or any time around the Winter Solstice.


INVESTMENT: £21 per person


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