FREE – Winter Solstice Distant Sound Healing – 21 December 2023


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Join Caroline for this FREE Winter Solstice Distant Sound healing experience.

Caroline will connect with you energetically on Thursday 21 December at 10pm to send a distant healing to you.

Available to download upon booking is a pre-recorded sound healing created by Caroline which you can listen to whilst receiving your sound healing.

Be immersed in the healing vibrations of the Crystal Sound Bowls as you rest in this relaxing, balancing, healing space.

You can chose to lie down and listen to the recording at this time for its most fullest effects, or if you are busy, simply allow the healing to flow later when you are ready to receive.

You can also listen to the recording the day prior to the Winter Solstice to commence the healing experience. Then the following day/evening after the Winter Solstice you can listen to the recording again to complete the Winter Solstice sound healing.

VENUE: A comfortable, quiet space in your home where you will be undisturbed for at least 45 minutes.

TIME & DATE: 10pm Thursday 21 December 2023 or any time around the Winter Solstice.