Feel like the world is changing, that something has awoken in you.  Or perhaps you are beginning to remember abilities that you had as a child which you did not feel safe to use and closed down or switched off.

This ‘awakening’ experience can happen to any one of us at any time, it is not gender specific or age related. Usually it comes from a need to change, you may have had a life altering experience, lost someone very close, become overwhelmed with emotions, stress, depression, grief.  It is as if our ‘higher’ self steps in and says enough, time for transformation and we begin to become more aware of the energy within us and around us.  Vivid dreams, out of body experiences, seeing lights or simply an awareness that something ‘out of the ordinary’ is happening.

You are not alone.  So many people have experienced these episodes, realised that something quite profound is occurring and have chosen to explore various avenues of support, many end up attuning to Reiki or finding their path through a network of holistic therapies.

Yet, knowing this, there is still the journey to take and the support available is widely varied and not always what we would like.  I remember my own awakening and reaching out to those around me only to be pushed in the direction of the GP and anti-depressants and then to some very weird and wacky wonderful individuals who, no matter how I tried, I simply couldn’t completely believe in.

Then I realised that actually it was about trust, trusting in the journey, having the support to recognise what was happening, having someone to talk to who could tell me it was okay, that I was safe, learning techniques for feeling safe, protected, techniques for grounding my body when it felt like I was going to fly away.  I was very fortunate to find a good therapist who was able to hold the space for me to explore the various feelings that were arising as well as supporting and encouraging me to tap into and empower the flow of energies that I naturally connected with.

I feel blessed that I had this support at a time when I felt most vulnerable and now it is time for me to be that support, to use the many years of experience to be present in your life to hold the space and the energy for you to explore your own inner world and the manifest your dreams to fruitions.


Spiritual Mentor

This ongoing support system is for you to have time to talk about what is really happening and explore your journey.  I will provide 40 minutes of telephone/skype support on a weekly basis, usually at the same time each week.  On every 4th session you will have a healing session of 60 minutes either in person or via Skype to aid any additional support.  I may recommend you follow some guided meditations to support you on your journey and will provide these to you.



Teaching you techniques for expanding your energy healing, such as working multi-dimensionally, working with akashic records, karmic clearing, aura clearing, using etheric crystals,  ascension healing chambers, light healing chambers, stellar healing/clearing… this journey would be connecting in with your own energy channel to explore how it can be expanded and which tools/techniques are available to you at each session.

For more information and to book a 15 minute telephone consultation session please email caroline@ascendingangels.com.