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Animal Reiki Training

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We are delighted to be presenting a series of Reiki workshops that focus on how to give Reiki healing to animals. We are creating a very informative and inspiring course focussed on providing healing to animals.

We are currently offering the following workshops…


On this Reiki for Animals – level one workshop you are introduced to sharing healing energy with your pets for their general wellbeing or help with anxiety, fears or trauma.

You begin the journey of understanding how to connect with animals through love and appreciation, with an attunement that opens your intuitive connection to animals and explores the nature of our relationships with our pets.

There will be an opportunity to give Reiki to either cats, dogs or horses depending on where we schedule the Reiki workshop. 

This certificated workshop is suitable for anyone who has already completed their Reiki Level One (for people) as it is important to understand the concept of Reiki with the self and how animals interact with us humans on an energetic level, remembering that animals are unable to communicate verbally so care and attention to their welfare is paramount. 

Animal communication will also be explored within this workshop so that you may be able to incorporate this within your healing you offer to animals.


This Animal Reiki Level Two workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge of working with animals or practice professionally and who have already attended an Animal Reiki Level One workshop.

This course will focus on the business aspect of working with animals as well as exploring providing Reiki to animals in greater depth.

By completing this Level II Animal Reiki Practitioner’s Workshop, assignments and case studies you will be able to offer Animal Reiki as a professional Practitioner (with the appropriate insurance in place).

You will learn how to set yourself up in practice, complete the necessary Risk Assessments prior to a session, communicate with the human/owner and adhere to the legal requirements concerning Animal Welfare and UK Veterinary Laws. 

You will receive a Level II Animal Reiki attunement and deepen your knowledge of working with Reiki energy to help all animals.


Visit our Events page for details of our forthcoming Animal Reiki Training workshops.

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