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Wed, 11 Sept



Chill 'n' Heal Crystal Sound Bath

Join Caroline for a super evening of sound healing as we chill ’n’ heal with the sounds of the crystal singing bowls.

Chill 'n' Heal Crystal Sound Bath
Chill 'n' Heal Crystal Sound Bath

Time & Location

11 Sept 2024, 19:30 – 20:30

Rainham, Bloors Ln, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 7DS, UK

About the event

These Healing Sound Bath sessions are a space to relax and receive waves of energy through the sound vibrations of the majestic Sun Gong and the divine Crystal Singing Bowls.

Tuned to 432Hz, the natural frequency of the Universe, these Crystal Singing Bowls are intuitively played to create a personalised sound healing for you.

Joined by the Sun Gong tuned to the Golden Consciousness ray of 126Hz to really empower, energise and bring a brilliance to the sound experience.

Whether you want to reduce stress, relieve physical or emotional tension or just relax and receive these sessions will balance your mind, body and spirit.


Using the divine sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and the earthly sounds of the Sun Gong to assist in clearing and integration for the energy body and all related physical and non-physical systems in the human condition.

The sound vibrates at a frequency which can allow the systems to heal, release and balance.


With energy healing light channelled by Sound Therapist Caroline Sharp, to work on the energetic system. This works in conjunction with the sound healing to allow for a deeper and nourishing experience of love, healing, integration and relaxation.


Thames View Primary School Infant Hall (KS1), Bloors Lane, Rainham, ME8 7DX.



Doors will open at 7.15pm and close at 7:25pm as once the sound bath starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.

Please bring a yoga type mat, cushion and blanket for your comfort. A bottle of water is also recommended.


If you suffer with sound induced epilepsy please consult your GP to ensure you are safe to attend the sound bath prior to booking your space.

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant please advise the sound therapist before the sound bath commences.  Thank you.


How long is the sound bath?

The sound bath usually lasts about an hour.

What should I bring to a sound bath?

Please bring a yoga/gym type mat to lie on, a pillow and a blanket for your comfort. We also suggest you bring a bottle of water.

Can anyone attend a sound bath?

Almost everyone can attend a sound bath.

If you suffer with sound-induced epilepsy then you need to check with your GP first that it is safe for you to attend.

Also if you are pregnant then please tell us, we can then make sure to keep you at a safe distance from the sound wave vibrations.

Can I bring my phone?

Yes, you can bring your phone yet we do ask that you turn it on silent for the duration of the sound bath.

We want everyone to enjoy the sound bath experience so keeping additional noises to a minimum is important.

What if I am not comfortable lying down?

You do not need to lie down in order to receive the benefits of the sound bath. If you prefer to sit up or sit on a chair please do let us know in advance. We can then make sure that we have organised a chair for you.

If you are using a chair you may wish to still bring a pillow/cushion and a blanket so that you can prop your head against a wall and wrap yourself up to stay warm and snuggly.

Do you have access for wheelchair users?

When we research venues we are mindful of being fully inclusive. We want everyone to be able to access our sound baths and enjoy the relaxing sound bath experience.

Most of our venues are schools where there is suitable access for wheelchair users. These schools also have disabled facilities.

What can I expect to happen at a sound bath?

When you arrive you will be invited to prepare your space in the room. Just pop your mat down where you feel is comfortable for you. The nearer you are to the singings bowls the louder the sound, the further away the quieter it’ll be.

When everyone has arrived, we complete a register and then Caroline will introduce the sound bath. You will then lie down and make yourself comfortable.

Caroline will guide you into a relaxation and start to play the singing bowls for you to experience and enjoy.

At the end Caroline will gently let you know that the session has come to an end.

What if I need to move during the sound bath?

Your comfort is important, you may wish to bring extra cushions to support your knees or lower back. If you feel you need to move during the sound bath please do so, all we ask is that you keep any noise to a minimum.

What if I fall asleep?

Sometimes the sounds can help you drift off to sleep, this is great as you’re really relaxing and the sound waves will work just as well whether you are asleep or awake.

If you do fall asleep it is possible that you might make a few sleepy sounds. If these are light we will let you snooze, yet if your sleepy sounds start to compete with the singing bowls then we will pop over and give you a gentle nudge so not to disturb others from enjoying the sound bath experience.

What if I feel emotional during the sound bath?

Occasionally you might find yourself feeling a little teary as the sound waves bring unconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface.

Please do not worry about being seen, you are wrapped in your own space and this is a good opportunity to let the tears flow and release them from your body.

What happens if I am not enjoying the sounds?

The sounds can feel a little intense at times, we suggest that if the sounds feel challenging that you take some deep breaths and breathe into the body to find where it feels resistance and encourage this part of the body to relax.

If you are finding the sounds continue to feel uncomfortable or overwhelming then please look after yourself by removing yourself from the room. We will check in with you afterwards to ensure that you are okay and explore what was happening for you.

What might I feel after the sound bath?

At the end of the sound bath you may feel well rested and relaxed. It is also possible that you might have struggled to relax and switch off, especially if this was your first sound bath. Rest assured that either way your body will have received the healing sound wave vibrations and be processing their effects.

Following the session you may find that you have a really good, revitalising sleep. You may have some vivid dreams that give you insight and inspiration.

Conversely, you may find it initially difficult to fall asleep. In this instance we invite you to consider what is on your mind. Maybe make a note of your thoughts so that you can get them out of your head and let yourself sleep.

Over the next few days you may find yourself a little emotional, irritated or making firmer choices or decisions than you would have usually. Pay attention to these, the healing is inviting you to look after yourself more and perhaps some new boundaries will support your wellbeing and self care.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Sound Baths are a great way to enjoy a self care session. As you listen the sound waves float through your body to bring balance, relaxation and peace.

Attending regularly helps to maintain the sense of calm and can also work to improve your wellbeing by providing the opportunity to process old thoughts and feelings.

Each session is unique and you may find that you experience each session differently and feel different after each session too.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and welcome your feedback too.


  • General Admission

    Sale ends: 11 Sept, 19:30

    If purchasing multiple tickets please advise names of all attendees.




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