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Mystery Teachings

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Suitable for practitioners or those experienced with energy work, these mystery teachings are a powerful expression of creative expanse in which the simplicity of life will be unveiled as patterns of illusions are dissolved and one steps further into the concept of Oneness with all.

We are currently running 6 individual sessions which can be booked either in-person or online.  Please allow 2 hours for each session.



​Guided by the Ascended Masters this workshop will focus on connecting with and using Ascension or Light Chambers for deep  energy body work.  This is the first of a course of workshops that will guide the participants in working with the body’s matrix, geometrical spheres, genetic codes and DNA for a multi-dimensional healing experience.

Suitable for those who are already using their healing abilities and are drawn to enhance their skills.

"The energies have been really beautiful and intense. I’ve been having some amazing experiences/healings since the workshop and they are now settled. . I’ve been aware of it swirling all around.   Something has definitely been activated and expanded. Ive been pretty blown away to be honest."

With a guided meditation that will open ones connection to the Ascended Masters to then encode the ability to access these chambers of light for ones own healing experience as well as ones clients together with the opportunity to explore this ability and experience new depths of energy transformation.



​Guided by the Ascended Masters this workshop will focus on channelling energy for specific ‘body awakening work’ such as activating the ‘Diamond Crystalline Energy Body’ and accessing the  University of Light where the key codes to our energetic presence resides and access our ‘Akashic Book’ for karmic clearing.

This is the second of a course of workshops that will guide the participants in working with the body’s matrix, geometrical spheres, genetic codes and DNA for a multi-dimensional healing experience.  


Suitable for those who have completed part one of the Mystery Teaching Course.


Our focus on this workshop is on cleansing our roots, taking our energy into Earth to explore our ancestral/genetic roots bring illumination to our fears and behavioural patterns that hold us in a space of disharmony with our true divine nature.  


Bringing light and love here to then focus upon healing the concept of original sin and complete our connection to the divine presence of Earth, the Mother Gaia.

Exploring further into the bonds flowing through our multi-dimensional conscious connections with Earth to truly transform our one heart connection with Gaia.



In this workshop we will be exploring our stellar pathways, our stellar lineage and karmic patterning carried forth from incarnations upon other planets and stellar systems.

Travelling to a Galactic Light Chamber to access our stellar wisdom to bring knowledge to enlighten our lives here upon the Earth.

This training session can help one to reconnect with thy stellar brethren and feel home again as you journey through your Earthly experience.



This workshop focusses on our twin soul connections.  


Exploring what a twin soul is and our unique purpose for our twin soul in this life journey.  We will also look at other energetic connections/relationships in order to bring love, acceptance, forgiveness and resolution to these so that unharmonious connections can be completed and cleared.

A deeply healing training session completing and dissolving cord connections as well as empowering new links for our future development and life expansion.



Focussing upon our multi-dimensional bodies of consciousness and through our inner portals or soul gateways we enhance our true nature to explore the many facets of our creation.

This training session explores our bodies of consciousness, through various energy gateways or portals we link in to 12 of our conscious bodies in order to align, balance and harmonise our being and our connections to the realms within each of these dimensional planes of existence.

This can be a transformational experience as we reconnect with parts of ourself that we have either not recognised, accepted or realised were one with us, a truly empowering and enlightening experience.

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