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Earth Light Reiki

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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is universal life force energy and available to everyone irrespective of religion or spiritual beliefs.

Reiki Healing is the laying of hands and the channelling of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the client to create a positive flow of energy throughout the clients body, spirit and mind, clearing blockages and areas of density. The practitioner may lay their hands on the clients body or in the electric field around their body called their aura.

Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains.  Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too.  For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.

Earth Light Reiki™ is a new concept of Reiki that focuses on healing through the mind and body. It encourages us to explore our thought patterns and our emotional feelings to allow multi-generational healing for the self and others. Taught in five levels or degrees, each one strengthening the connection with the ‘Universal Life Energy’ and gives the practitioner more knowledge and ability.  


With each level, instruction is given on how to work with the Reiki healing energy, the student also receives an attunement or initiation, this is where the teacher guides the student to attune to the Reiki energy and the body awakens or reconnects to the healing energy from the universe, giving them the ability to channel and connect with this energy at any time.

This course guides us into a deeply powerful experience and can create some quite dramatic therapeutic shifts of consciousness – Earth Light Reiki™ not only brings a new quality of balance to your life and harmony with Earth it also guides you to explore your own inner master, inner teacher, inner therapist and empower your own life accordingly.

The Earth Light Reiki™ training journey consists of:-

  • Level One – The journey begins – this one day workshop focusses on connecting with Earth Light Reiki™ for self-healing.

  • Level Two – Developing your practice – this two day workshop focusses on becoming an Earth Light Reiki™ Practitioner (following the workshop yet there will be some case studies and assignments to complete and a following 1 hour one-to-one session on completion of your course work to receive your Earth Light Reiki™ Practitioners certificate)

  • Level Three – Mastering the practice – this two day workshop focusses on the self and mastering the concept of the Practitioner experience (you will be required to have completed 30 hours of case studies, 6 assignments and once completed, attend a following 1-2-1 session to complete your Earth Light Master™ Practitioner training and receive your Earth Light Reiki™ Master Practitioner certificate).

  • Level Four – Empowering the Master – this two day workshop focusses on becoming an Earth Light Reiki™ Master Teacher, teaching all aspects of how to run a Reiki workshop for levels one and two (on completion of this you will then be expected to prepare, market and teach at least one Earth Light Reiki™ workshop with your Earth Light Reiki™ Master Teacher observing.  A written report following this workshop is required in order for you to receive your certificate of Master Teacher qualification).

  • Level Five – Teaching the Masters – this two day workshop focuses on how to teach levels 3 to 5, firmly establishing yourself as an Earth Light Reiki™ Master Teacher and honing your practice to work with integrity in the Oneness of all. 


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