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Energy Therapy Sessions

Click Here to book your in-person or online session with Caroline.


Caroline provides powerful, transformative healing therapy sessions which can be either in person, distantly or by Zoom appointment.

Using her life coaching and counselling skills Caroline provides a safe space for you to explore any worries or anxieties you may be experiencing, allowing a deeply powerful release/transformation as the healing energy uplifts, shifts and clears these patterns of disharmony from within.

The unique healing energy that Caroline channels can relax yet energise you, cleansing you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Channelling energy, words of truth, love, knowledge and wisdom to encourage, empower and support you.

These holistic therapy sessions work to support the wellness of your whole being. Explore mental and emotional issues, worries and anxieties through talk therapy to then focus the energy healing into the body to release patterns of behaviour and concepts of self that are holding one in a space of lack.

These treatments can be life altering; working with a combination of talk therapy and a powerful healing energy they are found to be freeing, healing, warming, confidence building, bringing acceptance and empowering one’s life, helping to clear away old unwanted patterns and belief systems and bringing you to a clearer more divine place. Empowering you to find the real YOU.

Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs. Sessions can be booked for either 50 minutes or 80 minutes depending on the depth and focus you would like to attain.

"Wow I am totally blissed out today, I have woken up feeling as though the divine is flowing through me with grace. It is thought I have been opened up to new possibilities.  THANK YOU divine angels, You really are divine :o)"

“I’m very impressed by your way of healing. Not only because of this strong healing energy that you are channelling, even more because I see that your work rises up from the core of Love. This is, in my opinion, the strongest healing energy in this Universe.”

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