This energy alignment experience harmonises and balances all of your bodies of consciousness, upgrading, clearing, cleansing and transforming old attunements, initiations and blessings so that you are raised to your highest energy vibration at this moment in time.

Caroline blends her unique channel of divine energies to create a powerful, transformational experience that will help you release old contracts, patterns and constructs that hold you in a space of disharmony.  Unweaving rooted ancestral concepts to enhance the energy flow from Gaia as well as unweaving stellar ancestral patterning to enhance the energy flow from your galactic heritage.

Awakening your multi-dimensional energy bodies as Caroline balances, grounds and aligns your whole being into One.

A powerful and transformational experience.

‘From an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual perspective I have been lifted and re-tuned. My healing energy, Reiki Mastership, Seichem Reiki Mastership and Sophie-El Reiki Mastership were sadly out of alignment with the current vibration. Caroline, along with my late wife Donna did sooo much work on me today I can’t tell you what that was like because the words haven’t been invented that adequately describe it. Thank you’  Mark

Thanks you for the beautiful healing session. That was a lot of deep work ! Some things are still unravelling and shifting, and I would say that there generally seems to be a very different space and also more light after all of that. Cool !   Richard

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