Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the oldest forms of healing known to mankind. It is universal life force energy and available to everyone irrespective of religion or spiritual beliefs.

Reiki Healing is the laying of hands and the channelling of universal life force energy from the practitioner to the client to create a positive flow of energy throughout the clients body, spirit and mind, clearing blockages and areas of density. The practitioner may lay their hands on the clients body or in the electric field around their body called their aura.

Reiki can help reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression. It can help with managing chronic conditions aid better sleep and ease aches and pains.  Having Reiki energy treatments helps heal the body, helping to clear the anaesthetic and speeding up the healing process post surgery too.  For cancer sufferers the Reiki energy can help to ease pain and reduce the symptoms from radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as provide emotional support too.

Earth Light Reiki is taught in three levels or degrees, each one strengthening the connection with the ‘Universal Life Energy’ and gives the practitioner more knowledge and ability.  With each level, instruction is given on how to work with the Reiki healing energy, the student also receives an attunement or initiation, this is where the teacher directs energy into the students body to awaken or reconnect the healing energy from the universe into their body, giving them the ability to channel and connect with this energy at any time.

Blessed through the lineage of the Ascended Masters we are delighted to share with you this new energy of Reiki.  It is described as Earth Light as it recognises and honours both our physical or Earthly self and also our spiritual or Light self, combining the two as one and integrating these completely.

Earth Light Reiki is a journey to our Earth core or heart in which we step through energetically and awaken our Earth Light energy to encourage our own unique healing/channelling ability to awaken.  It is a deeply powerful experience and can create some quite dramatic shifts of consciousness – Earth Light Reiki not only brings a new quality of balance to your life and harmony with Earth it also guides you to explore your own inner master, inner teacher, inner therapist and empower your own life accordingly.

Channelled to Caroline with the love-light of the Ascended Masters who, with an attunement, open a gateway through the core heart of Gaia, our Earth, to awaken our natural knowledge of Earths healing energy that we call Reiki.

Earth Light Reiki opens you to the entire energy field of Reiki, so that you may channel the energy, sound, language, all aspects of Reiki enhancing your own beautiful natural healing abilities, raising you to your highest potential as a Reiki/Energy Therapist.

Combining with our Earth Light Reiki we now also channel Angelic Light Reiki too.

Angelic Healing is a beautiful, energising experience where, through the opened connection to the Archangels and Angelic Realm, one receives to pure, unconditional love-light of the Angels.

As well as increasing the flow of healing energy through your hands many clients discover they feel more connected to angels, hear their messages more clearly and feel their support and guidance as they go about their daily lives. Angelic Light Healing, Angel Healing, Angel Reiki, and Angelic Reiki are all ways of describing Healing with Angels and Archangels.

These Angelic Healing treatments encourage a deeper understanding and love for the self, an acceptance of all that we are, all that we judge to surrender into a clearer, confident, loving self.

During an Angelic Light Healing Training you will receive a specific angelic healing attunement which will open up the angelic healing within you and allow the Archangels to come closer to you and support you as you bring the love and guidance of the angels more fully into your life.

On this Healing workshop you will also be able to practise with your new angelic light healing on others in the class. In your own environment it will be valuable for the benefit of yourself and others.

 As well as increasing the flow of healing energy through your hands many clients discover they feel more connected to angels, hear their messages more clearly and feel their support and guidance as they go about their daily lives.

Both the Angelic Healing and Attunements will empower and clear your connection to the Angels and Archangels, allowing them to walk with you on your life journey, to encourage you, be there for you and with their attunements share their light with others too.



On this Reiki Beginner’s Course you will be attuned to the Universal Healing Energy of Reiki and healing will be activated in your hands.

An Angelic Light & Earth Light Reiki One workshop is a wonderful opportunity to experience and learn the basics of the new energy of Reiki.

Fantastic for beginners this workshop explores your own unique healing gifts in a safe, encouraging space so that you’ll be able to channel this empowering healing light to yourself, friends and family.


Continuing the learning and growth following the Angelic Light & Earth Light Reiki One.

Expanding your techniques, exploring the sound and language of Reiki and the Angels in a healing environment to develop your own unique abilities even further.

This workshop enhances your Reiki ability, exploring the Angelic language of Reiki and Angelic Reiki sound vibration together with a deeper understanding of using the Reiki energy for healing as a therapist in person as well as distantly.

This Reiki workshop comes in 2 parts, you will receive a certificate of attendance following the workshop yet there will be some case studies and assignments to complete and (once completed) a following 1-2-1 session at a fee of £50 to complete your training and receive your Reiki Practitioners certificate after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a therapist (professional insurance required).

Angelic Light & EARTH LIGHT REIKI MASTER Practitioner COURSE

These workshops will attune you to the energetic light codes of Reiki. These light codes will awaken knowledge of the earth’s light energy, open new inner pathways to facilitate understanding and speaking the language and singing the Angelic sound of Reiki in its fullest capacity thus enabling greater transformation and healing possibilities, both for yourself and those you help.

Suitable for those who have completed any variety of Reiki I & II (Angelic Light & Earth Light Reiki recommended).

During the 2 day workshop you will receive powerful attunements that will assist you in integrating and understanding the Light Codes of Reiki.   You will also gain the knowledge of how to facilitate or teach Reiki to others as well as deepening and exploring your existing abilities to new levels.  You will also explore connecting with the Archangels to bring a deeper, clearer intuitive understanding of your own Angelic body of consciousness and how the Angels bring healing to us here on Earth.

You will be required to have completed 30 hours of case studies, 6 assignments and (once completed) a following 1-2-1 session at a fee of £50 to complete your Master Practitioner training and receive your Reiki Master Practitioner certificate after which you can channel the healing energy of Reiki as a Master Practitioner (professional insurance required).


The Angelic Light & Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher training is a 2 day workshop and on completion of this you will then be expected to prepare, market and teach at least one Reiki workshop with your Reiki Master Teacher observing.  A written report following this workshop is required in order for you to receive your certificate of Master Teacher qualification.

To gain confidence in teaching you are invited to attend at least one of each of our Reiki workshops where you will be encouraged to observe and then lead certain parts of the workshop (this is not a requirement for completion of the Master Teacher course).

Our method of teaching is supportive and empowering for you as you are given time and experience so that you can develop your own teaching style, feeling confident and able to teach Reiki to others, as well as holding the space and encouraging your own students to grow.

If you are already an Angelic Light &/or Earth Light Reiki Master Teacher you are welcome to attend this workshop as a refresher, please contact Caroline for more details.

If you would like to discuss the Reiki Master Teacher training course with Caroline please do contact her on

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