Donna was an experienced Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Master/Teacher of Reiki and Healing and a Masseuse, as well as a regular Facilitator of Empowering Events. She worked in the complementary health field for over 20 years.

Donna co-founded Ascending Angels and Reiki Babies and set the companies up with Caroline Sharp, her healing and business partner. Ascending Angels spread their wings all over Europe and in the U.S.A.  Sharing healing attunements with clients in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, New York, Houston, San Diego, Ontario, and New Zealand, as well as in London and Kent.

Reiki Babies is a special course where Mums, Dads and Carers come together with their divine bundles of joy and share healing energy and massage for bonding, love and connection.

Donna’s healing work used a combination of healing tools, which support the healing of the client’s mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul. Clients feel happier, more physically comfortable, clearer, and more relaxed after a series of healing treatments with Donna, and after attending a healing event.

Donna’s early training was as a co-facilitator of numerous Women’s Healing Workshops in both England and U.S.A and she has lead Women’s Circles in London and the South East for many years.

Donna also trained for three years in Vibrational Medicine with the highly respected Jack Temple.

For fifteen years Donna taught all levels of Reiki and Seichem to students and supporting them in their growth and development to higher levels of connection, self-empowerment and greater joy.

After a 2 year battle with cancer Donna departed her physical body on 31 May 2018.  Caroline energetically supported Donna through this transformation and she continues to feel the love and guidance from Donna.

Ascending Angels will continue in dedicated memory of Donna Swan who brought such inspiring, unconditional healing love and wisdom to all that she met.