For the more experienced light traveller, Caroline is guided to share a series of home study courses, meditation transmissions as well as workshops and events in Kent and London.

The Multi-Dimensional Mystery Teachings are a series of 6 workshops which guide you to explore a variety of multi-dimensional healing experiences.

These are fantastic for energy therapists who are looking to advance their skillset and become more involved in their energy work.

The Codes of Creation – Stellar Light Master course is a home-study 13 month meditation experience which can be deeply transformational.

Following on from this you can awaken your energy to the Vortex Light experience. This 12 month Divine Earth healing course is guided to really expand your earthly energies and awaken you to the ancient light energy codes of Earth.

Caroline also enjoys collaborating with other fabulous Mystery School Teachers to present home-study and workshop events in London. Her latest collaboration is a home-study course presented with Damian Nola (Aminya) and is called the Elixir of Life.

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